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Course Overview

The Oxford Home Schooling course is designed for students tackling the IGCSE Spanish examinations set by Edexcel. The IGCSE Spanish course is not designed for complete beginners; it assumes that students have some experience of the Spanish language. The first few lessons of the course are designed to provide individuals with an idea of the basic “building blocks” of the Spanish language and to prepare them for the IGCSE-style exercises in the rest of the course.

As well as preparation for the IGCSE Spanish exams, this course also aims to give students experience and confidence in a wide variety of Spanish conversational situations.

Course Content

The OHS course is designed to match the Edexcel 4SP0 specification and is divided into five modules, as follows:

  • About me
  • Day to day life
  • Holidays and travel
  • Modern life
  • Speaking and listening skills

There is also a CD designed to support you in your oral and aural skills.


Oxford Home Schooling’s Spanish IGCSE course is designed to prepare students for the Edexcel IGCSE in Spanish (4SP0) for  examination in June 2015 or later years.


Assessment is by two written and one speaking examination. Paper 1 (Listening) lasts 45 minutes and Paper 2 (Reading and Writing) lasts 1 hour 30 minutes.


It is necessary for students to have some experience with the basics of the Spanish language.

Within IGCSE Home Education there are the following subjects

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The international GCSE Spanish course does not require an additional textbook. However it is highly recommended that you regularly attempt to read from Spanish sources such as magazines and newspapers.

Download and view the Introduction to the Spanish IGCSE course

Download and view a Sample Lesson to the Spanish IGCSE course

Download and view a copy of the Edexcel Specification for Spanish IGCSE