Different exams set for girls and boys?

AQA looking into creating gender-based exams for GCSE science with coursework for girls and exam marks for boys. Is this because they don’t want to lose out to Cambridge and Edexcel boards which now offer IGCSE?

Wimbledon Hopefuls and Home Schooling

Young tennis players studying KS3, GCSE and A Level with Oxford Home Schooling as this gives them the flexibility they need to compete, study and learn.

Too many parents failing to read to their children

A study by the National Literacy Trust shows that too few parents read to their children. The more that parents read to their children, the further the child will progress in its education.

IGCSE and State Schools

State schools will be able to offer IGCSEs in all subjects from September 2010. IGCSEs are already widely used in independent schools and in distance learning as they are both more rigorous and more accessible than GCSEs. This has been acknowledged by higher education institutions who accept IGCSEs as part of their entry requirements. Without funding, however, state schools will be hard pushed to adopt IGCSEs as staff will need training, and new resources will need to be developed. Schools will need to find ways of managing their budgets to take advantage of the benefits IGCSE has to offer. Pressure will mount on government to enable all schools to make the change.

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