A level Course Prices


Clear Pricing Guaranteed

At Oxford Home Schooling, we want you to know what it is you’re paying for, so:

  • We don’t have hidden delivery charges for UK customers
  • We don’t hide the fact that you will need to pay exam fees to your chosen exam centre
  • We do tell you if a course requires a supporting textbook
  • We do have a straight forward easy payment scheme with no interest payments and no set-up costs


A level Course Fees

Total Cost Deposit Instalments
One  standard A level
8 of £47.50
One MFL or NEA A level
8 of £52.50
Two standard A levels
8 of £92.50
One standard A level and One MFL or NEA Alevel
8 of £97.50
Two MFL or NEA A levels
8 of £102.50

MFL = Modern Foreign Language (French or Spanish)

NEA = Non-Exam Assessment (English Language, English Literature and History)

Subjects with NEA (Coursework)

The following subjects have NEA (Non-Examination Assessment)

  • English Literature A level
  • English Language A level
  • History A level

In order to process NEA, the Oxford Open Learning Trust is becoming an examination centre and will collect the examination fees payable to the board directly. These fees total £110.

For applications after 8 pm 01/08/2017 the marking fee is included in the initial course fee.

What does the fee cover?

Your fees purchase a complete Oxford Home Schooling study pack. The pack includes guidance on relevant study skills. Oxford Home Schooling will provide full tutor support, including:

  • The marking of a series of assignments
  • Written answers to specific study problems
  • Telephone contact, if required

The fee does not cover:

  • Additional textbooks
  • Examination entry
  • Delivery outside the UK mainland

Methods of Payment

How to pay for your course.


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