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Can you correctly answer these primary school homework questions?

Homework is a necessary part of education, as it helps children to continue learning outside of the classroom. However, without the presence of a teacher, it’s up to parents to provide support if a child is struggling with an answer, and our research shows that many aren’t comfortable with this responsibility. Only a third of […]

Technology in Education

Can you spot the American spellings that are baffling UK adults?

We’re all familiar with technological developments in the education sector, but ever more advanced, ground-breaking progress continues to be made.

Weekend jobs

The Advantages of a Weekend Job

Weekend jobs can be a vital part of a young person’s toolkit, teaching them life skills such as managing money and learning how to adapt in certain social situations. Yet, with many parents divided in opinion, we asked a variety of adults to explain first-hand what they thought to weekend jobs. Laura Evans-Fisk, 28, a […]

School trips

Parents’ opinions on school trips

For some, one of the best bits of childhood is heading out on school trips to fun and exciting places. Whether home schooled or in the education system, a change of scenery and pace can often be a welcome treat. Seeing interesting or exciting places in the flesh is often more stimulating and memorable than […]


How to cope with Exam stress

While revision is important, balance is key to success.

How do European countries compare in terms of education?

How do different European countries compare when it comes to education, and how does the UK measure up? In this series of maps, we look at three metrics – pupil-teacher ratios, public expenditure and years of schooling – to find out which countries fare the best, and which have room for improvement. Pupil – Teacher […]

Preparing home-schooled children for exams

Examinations can be stressful, both for children and for parents, but when your child is home-schooled, it can feel even more difficult to ensure they’re as prepared as possible for upcoming tests. In our recent survey, almost a quarter of parents felt unsure of how to best prepare their child for a test, and a […]

The growth of Home Schooling in England

Home Education in England has increased by 361% in the last ten years Following on from our previous study looking into the growth of home education in London, we decided to look at the growth of home education across the whole of England. The research, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, found there to […]

Oxford Home Schooling reports on the growth of Home Schooling in London

Home Schooling increases by 582% in London over last ten years Here at Oxford Home Schooling we have carried out a study looking into the growth of home education in London. The research, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, found there to be a 582% increase in the number of children home educated in […]

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