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Which LEAs Are Tackling Bullying Best?

Bullying is an unfortunate and harmful part of school life for many children across England, however, our latest research has revealed that it is a far greater problem in some regions than others. Best and worst performers Across the country, the number of exclusions for bullying dropped by 5.6% between the 2011/12 and 2016/17 academic […]

Can you correctly answer these primary school homework questions?

Homework is a necessary part of education, as it helps children to continue learning outside of the classroom. However, without the presence of a teacher, it’s up to parents to provide support if a child is struggling with an answer, and our research shows that many aren’t comfortable with this responsibility. Only a third of […]

Technology in Education

Can you spot the American spellings that are baffling UK adults?

We’re all familiar with technological developments in the education sector, but ever more advanced, ground-breaking progress continues to be made.

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