5 Great Apps for Revision

Diverse StudentsIf one of your New Year’s Resolutions was to be on top of your studying this year, then a revision app might be just the thing to get you on the right track. After all, it’s 2015, books are out (no, not really!), technology is in and you may well have an iPhone 6 or equivalent app-appropriate gadget. With these things in mind, here is my pick of the five best revision apps out there.

1. Self Control for Mac

This first app is not strictly speaking a ‘revision app’ but it’s completely essential to a productive revision session. Create a blacklist of websites you want to prevent yourself from visiting (Facebook, for example), set a time limit and this app will block those sites under any circumstances. Even if you delete the app in a procrastination rage, the sites remain blocked until the time limit is up. PC versions are also available.

2. The Ultimate Revision Tool

Anything with ‘ultimate’ in the title has got to be good. This app loves telling people that it’s made by teachers and claims to improve grades by 20%. As well as flashcards, revision notes and videos, you can join study groups with friends to share notes and progress. However, this app requires iOS 7.0 or later and seems to be temperamental on some devices.

3. CGP Series

CGP, makers of the widely popular GCSE and A level revision guides, have a range of apps organised by subject. Sample them for free or pay the small fee of £1.49 for Q&A test cards, revision games, progress tracking and more.

4. SQA’s My Study Plan

This app will help you customise and organise your revision timetable, including prioritising what you revise. This is a good one to keep you on track, especially if you have things like work, kids or anything else that might need to be factored in to your revision time.

5. Gojimo

If you’re at the stage in your revision when you just need to commit the things that you’ve learnt to memory, then Gojimo is worth a download. It’s a quiz app containing over 100,000 thousand quiz questions for a variety of levels of study. It also contains comprehensive explanations of the answers so that you can’t do what I did for my driving theory test and just memorise the answers.

Any help with revision is valuable, so if any of these sound interesting to you, it’ll certainly be worthwhile.

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