Covid-19 Updates I Oxford Open Learning

Covid-19 Updates

Summer 2021 Exams (Updated 07/07/2021)

GCSE and A level Assessment in 2021

The Oxford Open Learning Trust has now completed assessing all of its students who applied to us as an examination centre and submitted those marks to the examination boards for external assessment and verification.  Please see our results page for further details.

Examinations in 2022

At present little is known about how students will be assessed in summer 2022 and it is currently our understanding that the DfE and Ofqual will launch consultations on this shortly.  We do know that the DfE has informed the education select committee that it expects examinations to go ahead in 2022 and that the incoming head of Ofqual has said that she supports this.

However, as students in the UK have lost an average of 60 days of education due to Covid between March 2020 and April 2021, allowances will need to be made and as yet we don’t know how these will affect 2022 examinations.  Some allowances had been agreed for the 2021 examination series and it is possible or even likely that these will carry across to 2022 but as yet this is unconfirmed.

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