Education Everywhere

Education Everywhere is an information sharing service available via a Helpline. This is staffed by a highly experienced team of volunteers. They are ready and willing to help anyone with a query about alternative approaches to education other than going to school. Many Oxford Home Schooling students turn to Education Everywhere for advice because families  like to explore all their options and make an informed choice about what is best for their child’s education and welfare.

Who is Education Everywhere aimed at?

Education Everywhere focuses on families who are considering different approaches to learning. Parents may feel that their child’s needs and interests are best met by being educated at home, with all the inherent flexibility this allows.  Perhaps a child may be struggling at school, or they may be unhappy. This might be due to unrecognised dyslexia and/or school attendance anxieties (often called ‘school phobia’), or they may be being bullied. These are some of the reasons that families  look for alternatives to school-based education.

If you wish to contact Education Everywhere, their telephone number is 01942 897779.

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