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BronxScienceProgrammingClassroom1960Studying and getting an education is usually associated with passing exams, going to university or making your first foray into a career. However, there are other significant advantages when it comes to making your education a priority.

The development of your cognitive abilities, or thinking skills, and the study of a range of subjects, can be used as a tool for personal fulfilment and true satisfaction with the way you live your life. These advantages are often underestimated or completely unacknowledged by students, yet they represent your opportunity to shape your future.

Cognition is all about how you think, and studying for exams, whether they be A Levels, GCSEs or entry level access courses, develops cognitive abilities. Learning new skills and absorbing previously unfamiliar information allows you to upgrade and update how you make decisions and solve problems, so a good education will help you develop a more analytical, objective approach to making decisions, in the classroom, the office and in general life.

An education is so valuable. As mentioned, it can be instrumental in making major life decisions. Rather than simply dropping you onto a life path that is preset by family, class or where you live, an education encourages you to think about what you want from life, to set goals and aspirations, and to be an active participant in your destiny rather than a passive recipient of circumstance.

If you have developed your cognitive abilities as the result of studying for exams like GCSEs and A Levels, you’re also more likely to make conscious, positive decisions about your physical and mental health. Studying teaches you to question your habits and routines. For example, if you have put on some weight, a good education can enable you to work out the cause and provide the knowledge you need to lose it. If you have been taught to think, you’re more likely to take a considered, measured approach to any problem solving – a skill that can come in useful in many aspects of everyday life.

Getting a great education can also be an excellent means of discovering your talents. Studying as wide a range of subjects as possible will be a great asset in terms of finding out what you’re really passionate about and where your true skills and gifts lie. People often think that a good education is just about passing exams, but the study of a range of subjects at access, GCSE and A Level provides so much more than important pieces of paper. Learning gives you the means to further your personal development. Choose education and you’re in charge of your own destiny!

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I'm a former English teacher and private tutor who is passionate about education. I've been writing professionally for the past three years and have written educational worksheets for use in schools as well as contributing to an educational journal. I've also written on every other topic under the sun!

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