Home Education Advisory Service review of Oxford Home Schooling's KS3 courses

The Home Education Advisory Service Winter 2008 bulletin includes a review of Oxford Home Schooling’s KS3 courses. Courses are available in English, Maths, Science and History. Here is an extract from the HEAS review:

“A substantial four-hole ring binder and good quality heavy paper ensure that the courses will stand up to heavy use. Tutor support for up to three years is included. The tutor will mark a set amount of work and will give some telephone support. Students may obtain written answers to specific questions about study problems.

English has a separate section for each year. Maths is divided into sections on numbers, algebra, shapes and handling data; explanations of mathematical principles are included in each part. The science course covers biology, physics and chemistry and it has ideas for practical experiments that may be done at home with materials that are easily available. History focuses on themes from medieval, Elizabethan and modern times, concluding with extended topics from modern world history.

Additional books are needed for all [subjects] except History. Introductory sections give study advice and guidance to help the student to get the most out of the courses. The style is lively and informal and the information is clear and well laid out.”

If you would like to find out more about our courses go to our website or call one of our student advisers (it’s free!).

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