Home Education blog: coursework and exams

In today’s home schooling blog, one of Oxford Home Schooling’s tutors gives advice on coursework and exams.

Home Education blog: coursework and exams

Now is the time of the year when those who are home educated usually begin any coursework that is required by their qualification. For those who are doing summer exams coursework usually has to be in by Easter, so now is a good time to have your first thoughts and start talking through your ideas with your tutors. OHS tutors will be happy to review any ideas and make suggestions to ensure that your first draft of any coursework piece is a useful one and they will then be happy to give you feedback on ways to improve that first attempt.

It is a good idea to do your first draft on the computer, that way you can easily incorporate any changes rather than having to write the whole piece out again, and do name your drafts carefully so you don’t get confused about which is your final version.

This is also a good time of the year to think about an exam centre where you can do your exams in the summer, I know it seems really early but sometimes it can be a bit of a task! Any secondary school, further education college or private school can accommodate home educated students, known as external students, as long as the school or college is registered with the exam board whose qualification the home educated person is studying for. The problem can be that they are just not interested in accommodating external students, despite them being able to charge a fee for doing what is essentially very little! You really would think in these items of financial constraints that educational establishments would be eager to add to their budgets but, sadly, it’s not always the case.

Start locally at first and then look at places that you have easy transport links to, just in case of a last minute problem with the family car and, if you have no luck, do contact your OHS Student Adviser who keeps a list of places that have accommodated our students in previous years.

…happy hunting!

Anne Thomas


For more information on home education you can contact a student adviser, or visit the Oxford Home Schooling website.

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