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With the new school year approaching one of our home schooling tutors explores the decision to home educate. Oxford Home Schooling offers a range of home education courses from Key Stage 3, to GCSE and IGCSE, to A Level.

Home Schooling

Well I’ve just got back from my holidays, not exactly bronzed and beautiful, but definitely relaxed and de-stressed. I find this is often a good time of the year to discuss future plans with my nearest and dearest and for those of you who have been thinking that home education might be an option for your children, now is a good time to have in-depth honest discussions of the pros and cons. Sometimes the worst time to discuss these sorts of issues is at the end of the school term when everyone is stressed and upset.

A lovely family holiday which has put everyone into a happy frame of mind is a good basis for discussing whether returning to school really is the best way forward and I do think this needs to be a discussion that the whole family takes part in, brothers and sisters as well – they can often give a real insight into the world of education today. Home education is also a real group effort; it involves a commitment on the part of everyone in the immediate family to play their part in helping the young person involved come to terms with the dedication, self motivation and commitment needed to make this work.

Once a decision in principle has been made then it’s time to get more information, from Local Authorities, firms like Oxford Open Learning, and organisations like Education Otherwise – they can give the practical advice that’s essential to help you see whether this is going to be the best option for your child. We all want to help – take all the advice you can get to help you make an informed decision that is in the best interests of the person who really matters, your child.

Anne Thomas


If you’re interested in home educating then visit the Oxford Home Schooling website or contact a Student Adviser for more information.

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