Home education blog: Planning ahead for exams

In today’s home education blog an Oxford Home Schooling tutor gives advice on being prepared for next summer’s exams.

Planning ahead for exams

All home-educated students should be well into their courses by now and should now be thinking seriously about the exams which they will be doing in the summer. Now is a good time to start talking to your tutor about what to expect in your exams and how best to prepare for them. Have you done enough work, is it of the right standard, what are your strengths and development areas, is there anything else you should be doing?

It may be that more background reading is needed, or maybe more detailed work on the study materials is what is really going to help, have you been missing out any lessons or activities along the way? It could be all about taking care, planning every piece of work, and then checking it carefully once you’re done – your tutor will be able to give you the lowdown!

It isn’t too late to rejig timetables and rethink your ways of working. Parents, you can be thinking of other ways you might be able to support your home-educated students, perhaps by regular text messages during the day, helping them to review work before it is submitted, talking through their worries, buying them chocolate!

This is really the ideal time in the academic year to make those changes that will maximise that grade in the summer, and then all this hard work done by both students and parents will have been worthwhile!

Anne Thomas


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