Home schooling boom in USA

The number of children being home-schooled in the USA has risen by 75 per cent since 1999, a new report published in Education News has revealed. Four per cent of pupils in the USA are now studying at home, and the number of primary school children in home schooling is growing seven times faster than the number enrolling in state education.

Not only is home schooling taking off in the USA, but students are also performing better. The report states that on standardised exams, home-schooled pupils achieve “consistently high placement” – between the 65th and 89th percentile on average, compared with traditionally-educated pupils who average around the 50th percentile.

This success also seems to carry over when they leave home for college or university, attaining four-year degrees at higher rates than pupils in public and private schools – to the extent that they are actively recruited by Ivy League institutions. Home-schooled children also exhibit “no difference in achievement between sexes, income levels, or race/ethnicity”, according to Education News.

Commenting on the data, Dr Brian Ray of the USA’s National Home Education Research Institute said he expects “to observe a notable surge in the number of children being home-schooled in the next five to ten years”.

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