I didn’t get the GCSE results I wanted, where now?

Well it’s that time of the year again, the GCSE results are due very soon, my fingers are firmly crossed for all concerned, but what are the options for those school pupils who don’t get the results they’d hoped for?

There are lots of reasons for not getting those ideal results, maybe you were ill, had personal troubles, miscalculated how long your revision should take or maybe you were just a bit over confident. More schools, though sadly not all, are now giving young people the opportunity to retake GCSEs, but often exclusively Maths and English Language. If you were desperate to do well in Spanish, History or English Literature, it can be difficult to organise a retake with teaching support. Even to do English Language and Maths, it can be very difficult to go back to school, and perhaps end up in a different tutor group, or even worse a different year group, redoing GCSEs rather than the A levels or vocational course you’d hoped for.

Have a careful think about your future goals and research what you really need to achieve them. Maybe returning to school is going to be the right option for you, or maybe looking at education in a different way is going to give you a kick-start. Perhaps what you need is a system where you can design your own timetable, work at times that are good for you, and have your tutor at the other end of the phone or the email system when you want them.

Home education can be a boon for those for whom school has not been positive, or whose school is not able to offer them what they want, in the way they want it. Maybe you want to just concentrate on those vital subjects you missed out on and don’t want to do a full school timetable, maybe you want to get a job and study at the same time, whatever your reasoning, explore the home education option. No, home education isn’t the solution for everyone, but neither is school, what you need to do when it comes to those retakes is to take a cool, calm look at what is going to be best for you.

Anne Thomas


For more information of studying from home contact a student adviser 0800 0 111 024.

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