Key Stage 3 History: 2: How did both sides prepare for the battle of Hastings?

Following our first Key Stage 3 History blog looking at  the contenders for the throne in 1066, in this second blog we move on to preparations for the Battle of Hastings.

How Did Both Sides Prepare for the Battle of Hastings

Well, will you believe it? Just like I predicted, the country has fallen to pieces. And to top it all off, I am now well and truly caught right in the middle of this mess!

Did you guess right? Harold Godwinson was crowned King. But was it that simple? Of course not. As soon as William heard about it he hit the roof by all accounts. He started shouting and throwing tantrums and demanded that his army prepare to invade England. Meanwhile, Harold decided he’d better put his army near the south coast so he’d be ready for when William gets here.

That’s when I got my sorry self dragged into this debacle. Just because the Knight who owns my Dad’s little plot of land is in Harold’s army, I get called to fight. Dad’s too old to fight so the Knight let me go in his place, but he was determined at least one of us was going. If we’d said no he would have chucked us off the land, so we had no choice. And here I am.

Anyway, we were all hanging around near the south coast, just waiting for William to arrive. We’d all forgotten about that Norwegian one, the other Harald. Then suddenly Harold gets a message that Harald Hardrada’s invaded in the north! Can you believe it? So we’re frog marched all the way up north to fight Harald Hardrada at Stamford Bridge. Well, we won of course. Harald Hardrada was killed and his sorry excuse for an army limped back to Norway. You should have seen the partying! We celebrated in style.

Wish I hadn’t celebrated quite so much now though. Harold got another message as we were all having our fun to say that William had landed in the south! We were made to march all the way back down and I had a splitting headache, I can tell you!

So here we are again. We’re half a day’s march away from William’s army. The gossip is that he’s calmly set up camp and his army are all having a nice relax whilst we are exhausted. He also got support from the rest of France, so he has far more men than us. And more horses. Oh my, how on earth are we going to win this one?

Penny Brooks


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