Key Stage 3 History: The Tudors: 1: An Introduction to my Family

Following our last series of Key Stage 3 History blogs on Medieval England, we return with a new series by an Oxford Home Schooling tutor on the Tudors.

Key Stage 3 History: The Tudors: 1: An Introduction to my Family

Oh, I’m so tired. It really is a lot harder than everyone thinks. They seem to think I sit on my throne having people wait on me hand and foot whilst I while away the hours in the lap of luxury. If only they knew the truth – I have constant meetings, I’m always being watched so I have to behave perfectly at all times. I’m on duty from the moment I get up to the moment I go to bed.

Why are you looking like that? Oh, alright. I suppose I’ll admit it is very nice having people to do everything for you. My best ladies-in-waiting don’t even need to be asked to do something – they just know what I expect to be done and when they should do it. And I do get the best treatment from everyone. So it’s not all bad. Although it is true I am very tired. Someone had the cheek to suggest I was getting on in years earlier and that is why I have less energy than I used to. How dare they? I may be no spring chicken, but I match anyone.

Have you guessed who I am yet? I’ll give you some more clues. I’ve been Queen since 1558. I’m the last of the true Tudor monarchs. I refuse to be told what to do by anyone and I rule this country with determination. That’s right – I’m Elizabeth I.

You probably already know that my father was the great Henry VIII, one of the most famous Kings this country will ever know. I had an older sister and a younger brother. Because men always inherit over women, my brother, Edward, became King after my dear father passed away. But Edward was not long for this world either and when he died without children, Mary was the next in line for the throne because she was older than me. But she died with no children either so I finally became Queen.

Now, I’ve reached the age where I like to talk about my past and my background. So I thought I’d share my story with you, the story of the mighty Tudors…

Penny Brooks


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