Missing School

Recently the Department for Education released figures that showed almost 400,000 children miss at least a month of school. Pupils who are classed as “persistently absent” miss 15 per cent or more of school, and Schools Minster Nick Gibb says this is a serious problem. This is because most of these children never make up the work they miss out and the evidence from 2009/10 shows there is a clear link between poor attendance and low achievement.

The report for 2009/10 found the following:

  • Missing more than 50 per cent of school, only 3 per cent managed to achieve five A* to C GCSEs
  • Missing between 10 and 20 per cent, only 35 per cent managed to achieve five A* to C GCSEs.
  • Missing less than 5 per cent of school, 73 per cent achieve five A* to C GCSEs.

Nick Gibb has also said, “Children who attend school regularly are four times more likely to achieve five or more good GCSEs, including Maths and English, than those who are persistently absent,” and poor attendance can have an effect on children’s future.

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