Einstein: 5 Inspirational Quotes for World Pi Day

Einstein’s thought-provoking quotes on education still inspire us today. Here are 5 of his best…

Home Schooling

The Growth of Homeschooling in the UK

Home Education in the UK has increased by 130% since 2013 Parents homeschool their children for a variety of reasons and our latest research found that the number doing so has increased significantly in recent years. Using Freedom of Information requests, we discovered that the number of students being taught at home increased by 130% […]


Dystopian Distractions: For When You Need to Read About a World Worse Than Your Own

What better time to escape the ludicrousness of real life than by diving into an alternate reality?


Should Ofsted be Abolished?

School staff aren’t the only ones to flag up their concerns. Parents have been vocal about their own issues with Ofsted, stating that they do not get the proper assurances they need about the quality of education their children are receiving.


Your First Job: 10 Things You Should Know

Many good part-time jobs go by word-of-mouth and are never advertised, so tap up your network (friends, family, coaches, teachers) for opportunities.

Study Apps

Study Apps for A level and GCSE Students: 5 that are Free on Android and iOS

We know money can be a limiting factor when studying, so we have listed free study apps only.

The Runners of The Great War took huge risks

Runners of The Great War: William Edwin Whitaker and Roy Klinzing

I hope that these stories of ordinary heroes help bring you closer to the history of the Great War, and illustrates the bravery required to do the job.

Words of Unity Poetry Competition

Words of Unity Poetry Competition 2020

The competition is open until 28 February 2020, and written poetry as well as spoken word performances are being accepted, covering everything from haiku, to limericks, to rap.

A Depiction of a Runner in Front of the Trenches at Arras

1917: The Runners of the First World War

The risk to a runner’s life was so great that messages were often sent with two or three carriers on different routes to ensure at least one reached its destination.

Puffin Books

Puffin Books Celebrate 80 Years

The first Puffins were published in 1940 as non-fiction books to support child evacuees. By the following year, Puffin had published its first four major storybooks, including the famous Worzel Gummidge.

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