The Perils of Smartphone Addiction

You might feel a strong need to check your smartphone every few minutes. But perhaps you might not be able to explain why.

National Poetry Day

National Poetry Day Turns 25 Today

National Poetry Day celebrates its 25th anniversary on 3rd October with a campaign themed around ‘truth’.


Becoming an Entrepreneur – It’s Never Too Early to Start!

Running your business could help boost your self-confidence. You will develop a strong work ethic and become more independent in your thinking.

Rubik's Cubes

Rubik’s Cubes, Algorithms and Reward

An algorithm is (In Rubik’s Cube terms) a sequence of moves that get the cube from one step to another. You need to memorise several of them…

4 Top Tips

Four Top Tips to Reach your Preferred University

It’s best to think ahead…


The Duolingo Language Learning App. Good for Spanish GCSE Students?

There is even more content available outside of the application itself, too. Duolingo also has podcasts in Spanish, with stories read by native Spanish speakers to help language learners practice their listening skills.


Learn to Earn: What are the Most Lucrative Degrees?

Should students avoid degrees like Arts & Design, Agriculture, and Education, which five years later lead to salaries considerably below average earnings? The answer is no, Here’s why…


Learn Over 2,000 New Spanish Words Almost Instantly!

Learning Spanish as a second language will mean a lot of study, practice and memorisation. For students who are studying Spanish at GCSE level especially , it can feel quite overwhelming.

New Academic Year

The New Academic Year and its Opportunities

While we often consider the start of a new calendar year the time to make resolutions and alterations to our lives, perhaps making changes at the start of a new academic year could in fact prove more useful, timely and longer lasting for students.

School League Tables

Do University and School League Tables Matter?

Better schools come with advantages, but if they aren’t fully taken advantage of, students and pupils may as well take their education elsewhere. It’s not enough to get in and sit idly on the victory – the real work begins after enrolment!

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