Preparing for GCSE ( and IGCSE ) Results Day

640px-ExamIt is always difficult to prepare yourself for the unexpected, we all know what we’d like to happen in terms of results. However, we can’t always get what we want in this world…

First things first, be sensible. You are probably not the best judge of how you did in an exam, so even if you’re not feeling optimistic, don’t despair! If you found an exam difficult despite preparing well for it, it could well be that lots of other candidates did as well.

Similarly, don’t be too overconfident. If you didn’t do much preparation, it is unlikely you will have done splendidly! You also have to appreciate that examiners do not know how hard you have worked on a subject you found difficult – they can only mark what you have produced at the end. This means it is important to always have a Plan B as well as Plan A for the future. If you have definite hopes for a future career, now is the time to examine all your options. There are often several different ways of getting to the same goal.

Do your research on the net, ring people up, ask for information; it’s so much easier to do this before the results come out rather than afterwards, when so many others will be looking for the same information. And if you don’t have a future plan at all, maybe now is the time to start pondering!

When it comes to results day, make sure you handle it your way. If you don’t want to join all your friends, then don’t. If you do want to take a friend, or a brother, or mum – do so. If you would rather your results were simply sent to you, likewise, make that happen! These are your results and this is your future, after all.

I suppose my final advice would be that, in this period before the results, there is nothing you can do to change what is going to happen, so enjoy August. What will be, will be, as they say.

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