Revised Statutory Guidance for local authorities in England to identify children not receiving a suitable education

If you are home educating your children, then the Revised Statutory Guidance affects you.  The government are currently engaged in a consultation process to define what role your local authority should have in identifying children who are not receiving a suitable education.

Is this a cause for concern?

The new guidance gives the local authority significantly more reasons to intervene in your educational decisions. As Oxford Home Schooling students you will be relatively unaffected, as the courses you have chosen follow the National Curriculum.  However, if some of your children’s education falls outside your arrangement with us, or if you have children of KS1 and KS2 age, you will be under greater scrutiny from the  local authority.  Some of you may agree with this.

What do others think?

Please visit the following sites to see the views of the wider homeschooling community:

Oxford Home Schooling is of the view that we should all take an interest in this consultation and encourage our students and parents to respond to the guidance at the DfEs website.

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