Key Stage 3 Course Prices

August Prices Increases

Oxford Home Schooling is a not for profit Trust and tries very hard to keep its prices down so we can help the largest possible number of people.  However, due to rising tutoring costs, we are having to increase our prices. The price rise will take effect from the 8 pm on the first of August.

Clear Pricing Guaranteed

At Oxford Home Schooling, we want you to know what it is you’re paying for so:

  • We don’t have hidden delivery charges for UK customers.  If you are abroad, please contact a student adviser who will be able to tell you how much delivery will be.
  • There are no exam fees to pay at Key Stage 3
  • No further supporting textbooks are required to successfully follow our KS3 courses
  • We do have a straightforward easy payment scheme with no interest payments and no set-up costs
  • We do phone every student before finally enrolling them on a course

Methods of Payment

How to pay for your course.


Total course cost Deposit Instalments
Each 3 year KS3 Programme £650
8 of £65
First 1 year KS3 Programme
8 of £25
Each subsequent 1 year KS3 Programme
8 of £22.50

What does the fee cover?

Your fee purchases a complete Oxford Home Schooling course. This includes a course pack, guidance on relevant study skills. and full tutor support comprising:

  • The marking of a series of assignments
  • Written answers to specific study problems
  • Telephone contact, if required

The fee does not cover:

  • Additional text books
  • Examination entry
  • Delivery outside the UK mainland

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