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Accounting A Level

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The Accounting A level course is excellent preparation for the budding entrepreneur and is well suited to Home Education.

This course will prepare you thoroughly for the examinations with activities and self assessment tests. Each lesson reflects an individual section of the syllabus and details how it fits into the broader study of accounting.

As you progress through the fifteen tutor-marked assignments your Tutor will give you invaluable feedback and insights into the world of accounting.

M1 Introduction to Financial Accounting (Unit Code: ACCN1):

  • Purposes of accounting
  • Accounting records: subsidiary books and ledger accounts
  • Verification of accounting records
  • Trading and profit and loss accounts and balance sheets including simple adjustments

M2 Financial and Management Accounting (Unit Code: ACCN2):

  • Types of business organisation
  • Accounting concepts
  • Further aspects of the preparation of the final accounts and balance sheets of sole traders
  • Internal final accounts of limited companies
  • Ratio analysis and the assessment of business performance
  • Introduction to budgeting and budgetary control
  • The impact of ICT in accounting

A2: M3 Further Aspects of Financial Accounting (Unit Code: ACCN3):

  • Sources of finance
  • Incomplete records
  • Partnership account
  • Published accounts of limited companies
  • Accounting standards
  • Stock valuation

M4 Further Aspects of Management Accounting (Unit Code: ACCN4):

  • Manufacturing accounts
  • Marginal, absorption and activity based costing
  • Standard costing and variance analysis
  • Capital investment appraisal
  • Budgeting: further considerations
  • Other factors affecting decision-making: social accounting

The Accounting A level course is assessed in May/June each year.  There are 4 examination papers which correspond to the 4 main modules of the courses.  Students who complete the first 2 modules can sit the AS examination if they wish and carry their marks forward to the full A level in following years.

Accounting A Level and Home Education FAQs

The Accounting Course has been specifically written to prepare candidates for the AQA examination boards Accounting A level Qualification. The syllabus numbers are

  • As level – 1121
  • A2 level – 2121


When you start your course with us you will agree an examination date or dates with your Student Adviser.  Your support period is then up to this examination date.

Normally speaking we would expect students to have a minimum of 4 good GCSE’s in order to start the Accounting A level course.  This does not have to include Accounting GCSE as the course will take you from first principles.

If you feel you have other qualifications  or experience which would enable you to start the course, please call one of our student advisers on 0800 0111 024 and we can discuss your suitability for the course.

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