Student of the Year 2013

Wow! What an incredibly diverse and talented group of young people we have studying with Oxford Home Schooling. Our choice of a winner for Student of the Year is almost impossible.

Oxford Home Schooling has a large number of students who are in specialist training establishments. They are working hard at getting a good education while at the same time training full time with the goal of becoming, amongst other things, professional tennis players, footballers, golfers, horse riders and ballet dancers. Their talent and determination will take them far and they will also have the benefit of good grades to fall back on when, or if, it is time to move into a more mainstream career.

Other home educated students have found that their studies with Oxford Home Schooling have led them on to scholarships with schools and colleges, or outside awards for outstanding achievements.

Many students and their parents or guardians have chosen home education because of difficult or unique circumstances; bullying at school, M.E, aspergers, phobias, dyslexia, living or travelling abroad, sometimes a very high IQ which is not being recognised in mainstream school, or simply due to personal preference. The list is enormous, but they have all found that studying with Oxford Home Schooling meets their individual needs, and they all have heartening stories of courage and determination.

To give just one example of what has been achieved by our students this year, we have had two brothers who were living and studying with us in the wilds of Papua New Guinea; amazingly, they gained nine A* grades, five A grades and six other passes between them at IGCSE level! However, there are also many hundreds more who may not have such an incredible tally of A grades but who have nonetheless achieved the grades they need to go on to further education, or to begin the path towards rewarding careers. Well done everyone, you know who you are!

More information about our finalists will be forthcoming and the winner will be announced in a few weeks time. Watch this space!

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