What is Oxford Home Schooling?

Oxford Home Schooling is a sister company of Oxford Open Learning, probably the best adult distance learning college in the UK over the last twenty-five years.

However, we realise that the style of support that is best for adults  is not the same as the support required by families embarking on Home Schooling. That is why Oxford Open Learning established Oxford Home Schooling.

What makes Oxford Home Schooling unique?

  • Our course materials are written by experts in their field and are designed to be interactive and accessible. They are regularly updated by our team of course developers so you can be sure they provide comprehensive coverage of the syllabus.
  • The level of our tutor support is second to none. Our tutors will not simply wait for you or your child to contact them, but will contact a student on a regular basis to offer advice and encouragement every step of the way.
  • Studying with Oxford Home Schooling means your children can study at their own pace and in their own time. Our comprehensive learning packs and excellent tutor support will reduce the amount of time you need to spend supervising your child.
  • We’ve even made the process easier from a financial point of view by enabling you to spread the cost of your child’s learning. You can pay a small deposit at the start of the course (20%) and then pay the rest of the course fee in eight instalments, interest free! Your Student Adviser will guide you through the different options.