Psychology A level

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If you are interested in studying Psychology and learning different theories and research methods then you will love studying this home educated Psychology A level.

This course will prepare you thoroughly for the examinations with activities and self assessment tests. Each lesson reflects an individual section of the syllabus and details how it fits into the broader area of Psychology.

As you progress through the tutor-marked assignments your Tutor will give you invaluable feedback and insights into the world of Psychology.

AS Level (7181)

Module One: Introductory Topics

Module Two: Social Influence

Module Three: Memory

Module Four: Attachment

Module Five: Theoretical Approaches in Psychology

Module Six: Psychopathology

Part 2: Additional Topics for A level (7182)

Module Seven: Research Methods and Approaches

Module Eight: Gender

Module Nine: Schizophrenia

Module Ten: Aggression

Module Eleven: Revision

This AS specification is examined for the first time in June 2016 and the ‘A’ level specification is examined for the first time in June 2017. No end date has yet been set.

You are no longer able to carry over your AS exams and count them towards a full A level. An AS level is a stand alone qualification.  All the exams for the A level must be taken in the same Summer sitting.

There are two 90 minute exams for the AS level.

There are three 2 hour exams for the full A level. There is no coursework.

Psychology A Level and Home Education FAQs

The Psychology Course has been specifically written to prepare candidates for the AQA examination boards Psychology A level Qualification. The syllabus numbers are (Specification B):

  • AS level – 7181
  • A level –7182

When you start your course with us you will agree an examination date or dates with your Student Adviser.  Your support period is then up to this examination date.

Normally speaking we would expect students to have a minimum of 4 good GCSEs in order to start the Psychology A level.  This must ideally include a grade C or above in Maths and English.

If you feel you have other qualifications  or experience which would enable you to start the course, please call one of our student advisers on 0800 0111 024 and we can discuss your suitability for the course.

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