Home Schooling Due To Bullying Case Study | Oxford Home Schooling

    Kathryn Corrall

    Completed KS3 in 2011, seven IGCSEs in 2014, and three AS/A levels in 2015.

    After experiencing severe bullying at school, Kathryn Corrall and her family decided that home schooling would be more beneficial than staying in the school system. Achieving great grades in her IGCSEs and A/AS levels, Kathryn is now studying English Literature at King’s College London.

    Though Kathryn admits that home schooling was challenging at times, it was an experience that gave her a rounded education without having to conform to the state education system. “Through home schooling and studying with Oxford Home Schooling, I’ve been able to discover my passions academically, with the help of some brilliant, encouraging and helpful tutors.”

    For Kathryn, the student-led nature of home education meant she developed an independent approach to learning early on. “I was shortlisted for the Wicked Young Writer’s Award in 2012, I’ve done sponsored swims for Sport Relief and I volunteer at my local library. You sometimes have to go out and hunt for the opportunities, but that’s no bad thing as it has made me more independent.”

    Home schooling wasn’t a barrier during Kathryn’s application, and the skills she learned while learning at home translated well to her university studies. “I think the skills I learned regarding self-studying through being educated at home really helped me prepare for university, especially a Literature degree, as the contact hours are low so I have to do a lot of self studying here too. One-to-one tutoring also prepared me well for the seminar structure at university,” she notes.

    And what about her social life? Kathryn explains that, “without any of the peer pressure often experienced in schools, I have grown in confidence since I was home educated.

    “I think that being home schooled has given me more confidence to talk to new people as you sort of have to when you’re at home.”