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    International GCSE Geography

    Course information

    The International GCSE Geography is designed to help students better understand the world around us. With this understanding, we believe our students will be well-positioned to shape the future of our planet, both on a political level, and a scientific one too.

    Whether it’s helping students understand the science behind climate change or the policies that affect it, we believe that the International GCSE Geography is a key qualification that consistently delivers well-rounded and progressive ideas that have the potential to truly make a difference.

    It is a great course for those that are passionate about the environment, as well as those thinking about studying international relations or politics later down the line.

    Throughout the course, students will study a number of topics across six core modules, the titles of which are detailed below.

    • Geographical Skills
    • River Environments
    • Coastal Environments
    • Economic Activity and Energy
    • Urban Environments
    • Fragile Environments

    Oxford Home Schooling’s International GCSE Geography course is designed to prepare students for the Edexcel International GCSE in Geography (4GE1).

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    Online Course? Paper Based? Somewhere in between? It’s your choice!

    All of our International GCSE German students receive:

    • Traditional printed learning materials
    • Access to our online resources with on-the-go access to all your regular lessons
    • Unmatched support by a fully qualified teacher online and by phone
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    Examinations and assignments

    Students studying an International GCSE Geography will be required to sit two separate exam papers, both lasting 90 minutes. These exams will count towards 100% of the final mark as there is no coursework with this qualification.

    Course duration and study time

    When you enrol with Oxford Home Schooling we will agree on an intended examination date with you.  Your support will last all the way up to this examination date, regardless of whether you decide to do the course in 9 months or 30.

    The recommended number of study hours for this course is 200 hours.

    Course price

    Our International GCSE Geography course fee is £395.

    You may pay using our interest-free easy payment scheme. Pay a £79 deposit followed by eight monthly instalments of £39.50.

    Multiple courses attract a discount. See our pricing page for further details.

    You will receive support from a fully-qualified tutor holding either a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) or a degree in education.

    This support includes:

    • Marking all assignments for the course
    • Written answers to specific study problems
    • Telephone contact

    When you begin this course, you will agree an examination date or dates with your Student Adviser. Your support period lasts up to this examination date.

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    What’s next?

    For students with an International GCSE Geography, the world is their oyster.

    While many students go on to study Geography at A level, others use their International GCSE as a springboard into other subject areas, such as politics, biology and even physics.

    Later down the line, those with an International GCSE in Geography make excellent university students, before going on to pursue an ambitious career in an array of professional industries. With this qualification, students won’t be restricted in their options.

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