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    How To Choose GCSEs

    There are many different GCSE courses on offer when home schooling, and so choosing the right ones for you can seem like a maze to navigate. By having a clear understanding of what you want to pursue in your education and career, such as what GCSEs you need to be a lawyer, deciding how to choose your GCSE subjects becomes much easier. We have outlined the key things to consider when selecting your GCSEs at home. You can find the full selection of our courses here, including IGCSE options.

    What Do You Want To Study?

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    This is the most important question to ask yourself when choosing your GCSEs. Do you want to be a doctor? Or a lawyer? Perhaps an engineer? Some A Level courses, such as Biology. will have specific GCSE requirements, so once you have a path to follow, selecting the options you need for that discipline are easier to pick out.

    For example, to become a lawyer, you typically benefit from having the following GCSEs:

    • Grade B or 6 in English Language

    To be a doctor, you will always need specific GCSEs, including:

    • Chemistry
    • Biology
    • Maths or Physics (studying both will open up more options)

    It is useful to select subjects that complement each other, like the above. Which GCSEs you require for each A Level can be found on their respective course page.

    GCSE and IGCSE

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    There are no significant differences between GCSE and IGCSE, so you are free to choose courses from either of them. They are also academically recognised as the same when applying for A Level courses.

    IGCSEs are assessed on end-of-year exams, hence they are ideal for students who don’t want to study via continuous coursework assessments.

    Choose What You Enjoy

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    This may sound a little obvious, but ensure you are choosing GCSEs for subjects and a career you enjoy. Consider your strengths too. It is considerably easier to build motivation for a course you are studying, if it is a skill you possess.

    Benefits Of Home Schooling

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    There are unique benefits to home schooling that can make choosing your GCSEs that little bit easier. One such benefit is the ability to choose exactly which GCSEs to study and how. A traditional school curriculum will require you to attend a set structure of courses, whereas home schooling GCSEs gives extra freedom to select your own, on a timetable to suit you.

    Each of our GCSE options are also built to match the same study material in schools.

    Regardless of which GCSEs you choose, it helps to understand exactly what home schooling entails. Take a look at our guide to see what a typical home schooling day can look like.