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    English Key Stage 3

    Course Information

    The course comprises separate materials for years 7, 8 and 9, and covers the study of poetry, prose fiction and drama, including Shakespeare. Aspects of the student’s own spoken and written work are also covered. Throughout their Key Stage 3 studies, the student will learn to:

    • Plan, draft and present their own written work
    • Imagine, explore and entertain through working with literature
    • Inform, explain and describe in fiction and non-fiction writing
    • Persuade, argue and advise in discussions
    • Analyse, review and comment effectively when evaluating texts
    English Key Stage 3

    Each year has 30 lessons and 10 tutor-marked assignments.

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    All of our Key Stage 3 English students receive:

    • Traditional printed learning materials
    • Access to our online resources with on-the-go access to all your regular lessons
    • Unmatched support by a fully qualified teacher online and by phone
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    YEAR 7

    • Myths and Folklore
    • Michelle Paver: Wolf Brother
    • Drama
    • Poetry
    • Beverley Naidoo: The Other Side of Truth
    • Autobiography

    YEAR 8

    • Literary Non-Fiction
    • Sally Grindley: Spilled Water
    • Berlie Doherty: The Snake-Stone
    • Poetry
    • Media and Non-Fiction
    • Louis Sachar: Holes

    YEAR 9

    An important part of studying English at this level is learning how to respond to (and write about) a variety of texts – poetry, prose and drama in particular. The course is split into six modules covering different types of text:

    • David Almond: Heaven Eyes
    • Media and non-fiction
    • Shakespeare
    • Joan Lingard: Across the Barricades
    • Poetry
    • Thomas Hardy: Far from the Madding Crowd

    Course price

    The course fee for a year of our English KS3 course is £325.

    You may pay using our interest-free easy payment scheme. Pay a £65 deposit followed by eight monthly instalments of £32.50.

    Multiple courses attract a discount. See our pricing page for further details.

    As students work through a course they have support from a qualified tutor that has a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) or a degree in education. The course fee includes

    • Printed and online course materials so you can study in multiple ways
    • The marking and feedback of a series of assignments marked by your personal, PGCE-qualified tutor
    • The marking of a past paper included in the course
    • Telephone and email support from your personal tutor to assist your understanding of the course materials


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    Module Guides for Parents

    Each module of the KS3 English has a parents guide. Each Parents’ Guide contains everything that a parent should need to offer practical support to the student.

    This includes the answers to the activities and discussion ideas based on the student’s answers.

    The Guides also contain:

    • discussion of practical issues
    • guidance on internet resources
    • a section on topics the student may find difficult


    Tutor-marked assignment specimen answers are emailed to both the parent and the guardian once your tutor has marked the assignment.

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    Students will be required to read certain books alongside our course materials. Details of these can be found on this page and in the introduction to each course.

    Chasing Sun Stories Veronique Tadjo
    Wolf Brother Chronicles Ancient Darkness Ebook
    One Hundred Years Poetry Children
    Other Side Truth Beverley Naidoo
    Holes Louis Sachar
    Oxford Playscripts Snake Stone Berlie Doherty
    Spilled Water Sally Grindley
    Far from the Madding Crowd
    Oxford Playscripts Barricades Joan Lingard