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The English KS3 Course

The Oxford Home Schooling Key Stage 3 English course will give students the ability and enthusiasm to develop essential skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing. Students will learn to express themselves creatively and to communicate with confidence and flair. The course acquaints the student with the richness of English Literature, which reflects the experience of people from many different countries and cultural backgrounds. This encourages the student to become a keen and perceptive reader of stories, poetry and drama, as well as non-fiction texts.

The course comprises separate materials for years 7, 8 and 9, and covers the study of poetry, prose fiction and drama, including Shakespeare. Aspects of the student’s own spoken and written work are also covered. Throughout his or her Key Stage 3 studies, the student will learn to:

  • Plan, draft and present their own written work
  • Imagine, explore and entertain through working with literature
  • Inform, explain and describe in fiction and non-fiction writing
  • Persuade, argue and advise in discussions
  • Analyse, review and comment effectively when evaluating texts
  • Myths and Folklore
  • Michelle Paver: Wolf Brother
  • Drama
  • Poetry
  • Beverley Naidoo: The Other Side of Truth
  • Autobiography
  • Literary Non-Fiction
  • Sally Grindley: Spilled Water
  • Berlie Doherty: The Snake-Stone
  • Poetry
  • Media and Non-Fiction
  • Louis Sachar: Holes

An important part of studying English at this level is learning how to respond to (and write about) a variety of texts – poetry, prose and drama in particular. The course is split into six modules covering different types of text:

  • Robert Swindells: Stone Cold
  • Media and non-fiction
  • Shakespeare
  • Joan Lingard: Across the Barricades
  • Poetry
  • David Almond: Heaven Eyes

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