KS3 Geography

female geography student studying globe

The Oxford Home Schooling Geography Key Stage 3 programme is split into three one-year courses (Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9). Each of these one-year courses consists of seven exciting modules, and each of those modules contains at least one tutor-marked assignment. There are a total of around twenty lessons in every course.

As well as the extensive course materials, there are links to an array of supporting films produced by Twig World, designed to illustrate each topic.

The Geography course matches the National Curriculum at Key Stage 3 and is designed to put each student in an ideal position to embark on Geography I(GCSE) in years to come.

  • Introductory module
  • Water and weather
  • Settlements
  • Shopping
  • Earth’s structure
  • Rivers
  • Farming
  • Maps
  • Climate and Biomes
  • Population
  • Migration
  • Earthquake!
  • Coast
  • Tourism
  • Maps and GIS
  • Weather systems
  • Volcanoes
  • Glaciation
  • Factories
  • What is development?
  • Antarctica

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