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The Course – Key Stage 3 History

The Oxford Home Schooling Key Stage 3 History course is designed to persuade every student to fall in love with history.

It brings together the excitement of discovering the past and the satisfaction that comes from making sense of historical events and situations. The course travels through time to the medieval, Renaissance, industrial and modern periods, developing a sense of what it must have been like to live at different times. Yet it also sticks closely to the National Curriculum which, in this subject, has been so imaginatively developed.

The course has been split into 3 individual years, you can view the content of each individual year below.

The Year 7 course is divided into the following modules:

  • Introductory unit
  • Medieval monarchs
  • Medieval people
  • Medieval church
  • Elizabeth I
  • Images of an age 1500-1750

Each module is explored over the course of two or three lessons crammed with activities and investigations, concluding with a tutor-marked assignment.

The Year 8 programme focuses on more recent periods of British history:

  • The civil wars
  • From Glorious Revolution to the ‘45
  • France 1789-94
  • Industrial changes
  • Middle-class life in 1900
  • The vote
  • The British Empire

s the student’s understanding of key historical concepts becomes more sophisticated, it becomes possible, in Year 9, to tackle more “difficult” modern themes in Europe and America:

  • Black peoples of America
  • The role of the individual
  • Divided Ireland
  • Twentieth-century conflicts
  • The Holocaust
  • Twentieth-century medicine
  • Scientific discoveries

This wonderful three-year course is illustrated with a wealth of photographs and reproductions of historical documents. Parents be warned:  you may find it all as fascinating as your child does!

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