Oxford Home Schooling Tutoring Information

Tutor Recruitment

Oxford Open Learning and Oxford Home Schooling are currently looking for experienced tutors in the following subjects:


  • English (all levels)
  • French (IGCSE and A level)
  • Spanish (Key Stage 3 particularly)
  • Geography (Key Stage 3 particularly)
  • Law (A level)
  • Business Studies (I/GCSE and A level)
  • Economics (I/GCSE and A level)

You will need to be qualified to PGCE / B.Ed level and have good internet access.

Who are our Students?

Our students fall into two main categories: (1) home-educated youngsters aged 11-18, and (2) adult learners, some of whom under-achieved in school and now wish to rectify that, and some who, whilst having a generally good academic background, now need a specific qualification to progress their career. Some even need English, Maths or Science GCSEs to become teachers themselves!

How does tutoring with Oxford Open Learning and Oxford Home Schooling work?

We provide the student with written course materials which will guide them through a particular syllabus or specification. All of our course materials have regular activities and self-assessment tests. Periodically within the course there are tutor-marked assignments (TMAs) which students will send to you for marking. Once you have marked an assignment, you return it and the student receives specimen answers along with their marked assignment.

Many of our courses have coursework which you will be expected to authenticate and assess.

The success of Oxford Open Learning and Oxford Home Schooling is based upon the contact made between tutor and student. We require all our tutors to make regular contact by telephone with their students. From past experience this person to person contact is what keeps the student motivated and will eventually lead to their success in the examination.

Tutor Pay

Broadly speaking we pay our tutors based on the assignments they mark and the telephone contact they make, thus the more help you give your students, the more you get paid. For full details of how we pay our tutors, please contact Amanda Blunden on 01865 304 833.

Please note that our tutors are all self-employed and the contract is for services provided by the tutor to Oxford Open Learning.

How to apply

Please send a full Curriculum Vitae, detailing which of our courses you would be interested in tutoring.

Please either post your CV or e-mail it to me at tutoring@ool.co.uk. Please don’t hesitate to telephone me on 01865 304 833 if you have any queries at all (mornings only).

Amanda Blunden
Personnel Manager