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    Bullying In Schools & Homeschooling

    Bullying is a complex problem and impacts everyone differently. Because of this, there is no catch-all solution to remedying a situation where this occurs, such as bullying in school. Homeschooling is an option for students who are struggling with bullying or anxiety.

    What To Consider First

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    It is important, however, to consider all avenues before making a decision, as removing a child from school may not be the suitable long-term solution for them. Good suggestions of where to find bullying and anxiety advice can be found in the ChildLine Bullying link, or from the excellent parental guidance section at Bullying UK.

    If a path forward at school can not be found, home schooling is a viable option that ensures a student can continue their vital education, whilst avoiding the anxiety of social engagement. This does mean however, that the student will be losing what was potentially their main source of socialisation, so this should be considered before pursuing home schooling.

    How Can Home Schooling Help

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    Students who have previously experienced bullying and entered home schooling have shared how this move helped them. Kathryn is one such student, and her story can be found here.

    • Can give a rounded education – “Through home schooling and studying with Oxford Home Schooling, I’ve been able to discover my passions academically, with the help of some brilliant, encouraging and helpful tutors”
    • Encourages independence – “You sometimes have to go out and hunt for the opportunities, but that’s no bad thing as it has made me more independent.”
    • Builds skills for the future – “I think the skills I learned regarding self-studying through being educated at home really helped me prepare for university, especially a Literature degree, as the contact hours are low so I have to do a lot of self-studying here too”
    • Confidence when socialising – “…without any of the peer pressure often experienced in schools, I have grown in confidence since I was home educated. I think that being home schooled has given me more confidence to talk to new people as you sort of have to when you’re at home.”

    Homeschooling at OHS

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    Bringing a child out of school is not an easy decision, but it offers a pathway for students to gain valuable experience away from anxiety-inducing scenarios.

    You can find a vast array of information to help your child begin their home schooling journey:

    • An introduction to homeschooling
    • Access to our superb advisory and tutor teams
    Revision techniques for a wide variety of subjects

    Get In Touch

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    We are ready to help you and your child get the right education for them.

    You can reach us Monday-Friday on the following numbers:

    • Free on – 0800 0 111 024
    • From mobile – 01865 304856
    • From abroad – 0044 1865 304856.