Special Needs Education: Is it Good Enough?

Reportedly, there were 2,060 children in 2018 who had education, health and care plans who received no support at all.

Setting Goals

Setting Goals: The Pros and Cons

Setting Goals is useful because it encourages you to reflect first. You pause and muse over different possibilities.

Physical Education gives life skills as well as those of sports and fitness.

Physical Education Must Not Be Marginalised

Physical Education. can also teach essential skills such as CPR, communication and leadership skills, how to swim and health and safety guidelines on certain sporting premises.


3 Things You Should Be Doing Now Exams Have Started

What should you be doing while in the momentum of exams?

The Duke of Edinburgh Award

What Is The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award?

It gives all young people an opportunity to play to their non-academic strengths, or to be temporarily free from the endless gravy train of vigorous study, exams, results, and resits.

Jekyll and Hyde

The Real Jekyll and Hyde

Many suspect Deacon Brodie to be the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson’s famous novella A Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde


How to Choose the Best University for You

Finding your preferred university options is a project in itself.


Smartphones: Friend or Foe?

People spend approximately two hours daily on their smart phones browsing, researching, responding and making purchases… yet, many of us complain about not having enough time to do the things we really want to do.

Which LEAs Are Tackling Bullying Best?

Bullying is an unfortunate and harmful part of school life for many children across England, however, our latest research has revealed that it is a far greater problem in some regions than others. Best and worst performers Across the country, the number of exclusions for bullying dropped by 5.6% between the 2011/12 and 2016/17 academic […]

STEM Subjects

STEM Subjects: Are they really Superior?

STEM subjects typically lead to better job prospects. There’s no way around this; the breadth of practical knowledge students acquire in STEM fields is astounding.

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