Revision Tips

We are all different, and this is the main point with revising – what works for one person will not work for another.

RAF Strike Eagle

RAF 100

The RAF was hugely outnumbered, yet through a combination of new radar technology, new and more manoeuvrable aircraft and exceptional bravery, it successfully resisted the intense German air invasion.

What went wrong with Apollo 13?

Swigert and Lovell radioed Mission Control with the well known words, “Houston, we’ve got a problem.” 

Sir Isaac Newton

During his 30 years working at Cambridge University, Newton developed his own and Galileo’s theories further by applying them to laws of motion and gravity – the backbone of modern day physics.

The Psychology of Snow

Snow can also have plenty of negative consequences, but not all of them are necessarily physical or logistic.

Could we spend our lives on Mars?

Professor Hawking insisted the move to colonise Mars and the Moon should begin within our lifetime, (Specifically, that we should begin Lunar construction within 30 years and on Mars within 50).

Who could be our Modern Day Shakespeare?

To be considered a modern-day equivalent probably requires more than merely producing fantastic texts.

Team building Inside and Outside of the Classroom

Team building may very well start in the classroom, but you will not forget what it offers once you are outside of it.

Weekend jobs

The Advantages of a Weekend Job

Weekend jobs can be a vital part of a young person’s toolkit, teaching them life skills such as managing money and learning how to adapt in certain social situations. Yet, with many parents divided in opinion, we asked a variety of adults to explain first-hand what they thought to weekend jobs. Laura Evans-Fisk, 28, a […]


How to get your Essay started

I would like to offer my own top five tips to get you past that first line…

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