Places to see: Cadwr – Caernarfon Castle

Built to stamp Edward I’s power over the region, Caernarfon Castle’s appearance was designed to intimidate the locals into accepting English rule

Places to see: Culloden

The Battle of Culloden took place on 16th April 1746 and was to be the last ever pitched battle fought on British soil,

What is Steampunk?

The term “Steampunk”, which combines Victoriana with modern day technology (fuelled by steam rather than electricity or batteries etc), originated in the late 1980s.

The Importance of Work Experience

A survey by UCAS showed that graduates who had no previous work experience were unlikely to be successful during an interview selection process.

Is it a rule that the book is always better than the film?

Another argument often voiced in the book versus film debate is that bad books make good films.

What is a Hung Parliament?

Such a situation is hardly ideal.

Grayson Perry: “The most popular Art exhibition ever!”

Perry suggests that our common humanity overrides our social and cultural divisions. 

The Children’s Laureate

Just how the post can champion the cause of children’s books is a matter for debate.

A day in the life of: Nursing and GPs

The nurse is also often the point of contact between visiting relatives and friends of patients, whether in person or by phone. A doctor will face a different set of challenges every day, although the structure of a day working in a surgery always remains the same.

A day in the life of: The Graphic Designer

Graphic designers need an excellent eye for detail and a good understanding of popular trends in adverting and art.

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