The Spirit of Adventure in Speed

It’s 4,500 miles from New York to Los Angeles, but whilst in 1903 it took a fast car 63 days to travel this distance, the current record time is just over 28 hours.

Record On

Pirate to Pop: Radio 1 at 50

By the time laws were passed to make the broadcasting of pirate radio illegal, over 22 million people were regular listeners. The BBC realised it needed to do something…


Thanks to Cassini’s observations of Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, scientists have discovered that it possesses lakes, rivers, channels, dunes, rain, clouds, mountains and possibly volcanoes, just like Earth.


Opinion: Does our Education system lack Imagination?

It is easy to see why the lack of creativity argument continues to rage. After all, any school that was seen to put the desire to buy dancing shoes ahead of purchasing new science equipment would lose its reputation fast.


Tea and Coffee: Part 2 – Going out for a Coffee

In a young and growing America, coffee was also gaining a strong commercial foothold. By 1668, coffee had replaced beer as New York City’s favourite breakfast drink, while in Britain, gin houses were beginning to suffer from lower sales…

Tea and Coffee: Part 1 – Fancy a Brew?

Somewhat ironically, it was the London coffee houses that were responsible for introducing tea to England.

The Origins and Effects of Tropical Storm Harvey

The social impact on an area hit by a tropical storm can often be major and long term.

A Brief History of the British Summer Holiday

It was with the dedicated opening of a resort at Brighton, under the patronage of King George IV, that the seaside stopped being a place just to improve health but also a destination to escape daily worries and enjoy a holiday.

Do the Media Report our Exams Correctly?

The differences between boys and girls grades can depend on so many different factors that stating that boys are cleverer than girls this year, or vice versa, is a bold statement.

The Beginnings and Legacy of The Cold War

Although it is called The Cold War, no direct warfare took place between America and the USSR. However, they did fight each other in proxy wars, such as in Korea and Vietnam.

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