The best and worst places to raise children in your area

For many parents, the quality of schools is a major factor when deciding where to live. To help make the decision easier, we’ve ranked local authorities in England on a number of key factors, including the percentage of schools rated ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted, the percentage of available school places and the affordability of […]


Running a Debate Club for Home Educated Teens

Debate club allows the kids to see that how you present something is often more important than what you’re presenting – and so they become more skilled in recognising the ways that the press, and other forms of communication, can influence us.


Finances: A Valuable subject for the Classroom?

If the principle of saving is taught and understood early, the chances are that pupils will take their present and future finances more seriously.

National Tree Week

National Tree Week

This annual event aims to encourage the people of the UK to plant as many new trees as possible.


The Best Films to Get You Studying

Here’s 4 films known to have that magical motivational X-Factor, guaranteed to get you moon-walking back into the classroom.


How Does Blogging Help Students?

As the world evolves and changes shape, so too does the world of blogging!

School Dinners

Jamie’s School Dinners: What’s on Children’s Plates 15 Years Later?

Who’d have thought that it’s almost 15 years since Jamie Oliver first waged war against fried food, sugary drinks and the infamous Turkey Twizzlers of the school dining hall? At the time, the 2005 government listened to Oliver’s crusade: they gave funding, the Children’s Food Trust was established, soft drinks were taken off the menu, […]


Brainstorming For Brilliant Ideas

Alex Osborn, the father of the brainstorming method, believed that group brainstorming could lead to a 50% increase in creativity.

exam revision tips

Scientifically Proven Revision Tips

There is plenty of research out there to show that listening to music can improve your ability to focus and concentrate.


The Witchcraft of Shakespeare’s Time, and Why Macbeth Really Didn’t Help

With the royal criminalisation of witchcraft in 1604 (and before its 1736 retraction), hundreds of thousands of people in Europe were tortured, hung, and drowned.

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