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How to encourage your child to read more

Ahead of World Book Day (4th March), we’ve researched the nation’s favourite school books and found that George Orwell’s Animal Farm and Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol are the UK’s most popular reads. For many people, reading is a wonderful and enriching experience that brings a huge sense of reward and enjoyment. This is especially […]


Tapping Into The Subconscious

Creativity is linked to subconscious thought; when we subconsciously sift through all the junk beyond our rational consciousness we are able to tap into the wonderful imaginative treasure found deep in the caverns of our brain.


Mars and The War of The Worlds

All the best science fiction brings us technology which is possible but not yet invented, and this book is no different.

Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman: Anti-Slavery Activist

Tubman gained the name Moses for guiding at least 70 slaves to freedom on the underground railroad – a phrase used to refer to the series of secret safehouses and trails linking the South, where slavery was legal, to the north, where it was not.

George Orwell

Opinion: How Orwellian Are We?

Let’s see if there is any truth in Orwell’s predictions…

science fiction

Sci-Fi Pioneers: 2: Wells and Lovecraft

Science Fiction From The Social To The Cosmic…


Sci-Fi Pioneers: 1: Shelley and Verne

Shelley’s Frankenstein is often regarded as one of the earliest examples of Science Fiction, whilst author Ray Bradbury has said of Verne’s influence, “We are all, in one way or the other, the children of Jules Verne.”

Writing Competitions

Writing Competitions To Enter in 2021

Whether you’re already a full-fledged novelist, or have yet to put pen to paper, let’s take a look at some of the most interesting (and accessible!) competitions running in 2021.

Samuel Pepys

The Diary of Samuel Pepys

Who Was Samuel Pepys? Samuel Pepys (pronounced ‘Peeps’) was a British public servant, naval admiral and later MP, who was born to tailor John Pepys and his wife Margaret, on Fleet Street, London in February 1633. In 1642, when Samuel was nine years-old, the English Civil War Broke out, leading to the execution of King […]

Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe And His Literary Legacy

Edgar Allan Poe, born January 19th 1809, was one of the most influential American writers of the nineteenth century. He was a renowned critic, writer, poet, and editor, famous for his dark and mysterious writing style. Here is a list of reasons why we keep going back to the work of Edgar Allan Poe… His […]