Covid-19 Updates

Apologies if you’re a little overwhelmed with the amount of conversation around COVID-19/Coronavirus, however, it’s important to us that you know we have a plan in place to continue providing the same level of service you would ordinarily expect from us. We are closely following advice from HM Government and our own offices are closed […]

Mental Health

Mental Health Tips for Online Students

It’s important to make time in your busy schedule to tend to your mental health. After all, we’re human beings, not doings.


Why Existentialist Philosophy Can Help Us Right Now

By recognising that human existence and suffering are inherently entwined we can confront the hardships we experience and witness in order to thrive regardless.


5 Virtual Creative Events in July

We’ve spotted the top virtual creative events coming up in July…


The Future of Work and How to Thrive In It

It is going to be a very turbulent time, but chaos is a ladder and young people, (who tend to be hit hardest by economic slumps of this nature), need to become skilled climbers.


Why Consider Politics?: Part 3

This is the last in my short series on politics, providing some knowledge that could help you decide if pursuing a career in the subject could be of interest to you. Part 1 can be found here and Part 2 here. Continuing along the spectrum of political theory we turn our attention to what can […]


Why Consider Politics?: Part 2

Following on from the discussion about democracy in Part 1 we take a brief look at the other ‘Left’ orientated theories of politics. Socialism As has been mentioned, Socialism can be a political, economic, and social theory; the three being so tightly interwoven. It relates to the concept of ‘bulk production’ of wealth as well […]

Why choose politics?

Why Consider Politics?: Part 1

The word ‘politics’ goes far beyond the narrow concept of political parties.


Pandemic-Proof Careers

Work-wise there have been many losers during the pandemic. A lot of people have lost jobs, though others have successfully adapted to new roles within their respective industries. There have been some who have actively benefited from the current situation, in fact. With some of you actively planning your careers, now might be the time […]

Nobel Prize Refusals

Nobel Prize Refusals: Jean-Paul Sartre and Le Duc Tho

Unsurprisingly it was Tho and Sartre’s world views, philosophies and politics which propelled them to reject the notion of receiving their Nobel Prizes.

Home Education

The Changing Face of Home Education

As schools are soon to re-open, parents, perhaps for the first time, will be able to make a considered choice whether to return to the (albeit slightly modified) conventional school system, or to continue to home-educate their children.

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