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MAP of UK Teacher inccreases

Which local authorities will need more teachers in the near future?

The number of pupils in the UK is increasing, but in England many local authorities aren’t recruiting enough teachers to maintain or reduce the pupil:teacher ratio. Across the country, the average ratio in state-funded schools has increased by 2.2% from 18.1 to 18.5 children per teacher, with some authorities reporting increases of up to 11%. […]

How to encourage your child to read more

Ahead of World Book Day (4th March), we’ve researched the nation’s favourite school books and found that George Orwell’s Animal Farm and Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol are the UK’s most popular reads. For many people, reading is a wonderful and enriching experience that brings a huge sense of reward and enjoyment. This is especially […]


Time For Tea?

The ritual of taking daily afternoon tea began in the 1840s amongst the British aristocracy, who introduced it as a small meal to stave off hunger…

Burns Night

Burns Night

You might have heard of Burns’ ‘My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose’, too, a very romantic poem. But it’s ‘Address to a Haggis’ which is particularly important at this time of year…


8 Sweet Facts About Sugar

Some of the earliest references to sugarcane have been found in Chinese manuscripts dating back to the 8th century BC, stating that its use originated in India.


Talking Tolkien: Why The New Amazon Series Is On Shaky Ground

Amazon are resorting to making up their own characters, plots, and events – a rash move that will likely doom the show for ardent fans of the source material.

Joan of Arc

Joan Of Arc

Joan began to have visions in which she claimed to have communicated directly with saints, and that these saints had designated her the saviour of France.


Happy Hogmanay!

The word ‘Hogmanay’ derives from the French ‘hoginane’, meaning ‘gala day’, and was likely first
used in 1561, following the return of Mary Queen of Scots to Scotland from France.

New Year

Starting The New Year As You Mean To Go On

If you plan your work carefully and make sure you stick to the deadlines you have been set, you will be starting off 2022 in a positive and proactive way.


There’s More To Your Christmas Stocking Than Chocolate And Oranges

This blog will give you some helpful tips on how to make the most out of the festivities and support your learning at the same time.

Father Christmas

The Magical Story Behind The Real Father Christmas

It was with writer Washington Irving’s 1809 book Knickerbocker’s History of New York that Saint Nicholas began to come to life as the lovable figure we know him as today.

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol: Dickens’ Political Message

A Christmas Carol, first published in 1843, highlighted the major impact of poverty experienced by many of those living within both the capital and other cities growing around newly industrialised locations.