Livingstone and Stanley

In stark contrast to Livingstone’s wishes, Stanley used brutal means that included the widespread use of local slave labour to complete his work in the Congo.

Billy the Kid

The Death of Billy the Kid

In fact, Garrett and McCarty were never friends.

How do European countries compare in terms of education?

How do different European countries compare when it comes to education, and how does the UK measure up? In this series of maps, we look at three metrics – pupil-teacher ratios, public expenditure and years of schooling – to find out which countries fare the best, and which have room for improvement. Pupil – Teacher […]

Another Ice Age?

Across various periods of time, a quarter of our planet’s history has been held in the grip of a major ice event.

On the Importance of Literature to Learning

Unfortunately, due to policy changes in education, the number of students following a more artistic path has dropped to its lowest in a decade.

Home Schooling Adventures in Spain: Part 1

One of the wonderful benefits of home education is the flexibility it provides, which can include the ability to travel with our children, learning as we go. With this in mind, my family and I decided to spend a few months on the Costa Tropical in southern Spain, working on improving our Spanish. Whilst there, […]

What is a Recession?

One of the biggest problems about declaring a recession is that we can only be sure if one has happened once it is over and the economy heads back towards a period of growth.

Tudor falls from grace

After eventually gaining a plea for release, Raleigh soon set off on another expedition, this time to find the fabled land of gold, El Dorado. The trip inevitably failed, doing little to improve his standing in court.

Preparing home-schooled children for exams

Examinations can be stressful, both for children and for parents, but when your child is home-schooled, it can feel even more difficult to ensure they’re as prepared as possible for upcoming tests. In our recent survey, almost a quarter of parents felt unsure of how to best prepare their child for a test, and a […]

Bird Migration

Hibernation and Migration

While many creatures hibernate, many others migrate. Whereas hibernation prevents animals from having to forage for food and be able to have more comfortable living conditions in winter, migration sends others on a long journey to find food, often in a much warmer climate.

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