The Mary Rose: The Tudor knowledge raised with a Shipwreck

The Mary Rose is a time capsule of Tudor life. Historian David Starkey referred to it as, “Britain’s Pompeii.”

The First Blood Transfusion

This was a radical procedure at a time (1818) when the majority of medical professionals still tried to cure most complaints by draining blood from a patient rather than replacing it.

Edgar Allen Poe

Poe’s only driving force was his need to write.

Why are the novels of Agatha Christie still so popular?

For many, it’s about trying to solve the mysteries yourself, before the featured detective does. All the clues necessary are provided throughout the story, but very rarely are the solutions obvious.

The World’s first Flu Pandemic

“… It was in late October and November of 1918 and early 1919 that higher death rates occurred, when people with flu symptoms began to crowd into hospitals in panic, and thus spread the disease further.”

To touch the Sun: The Parker Solar Probe

As it travels, the satellite will pick up speeds of 430,000mph, making it the fastest man-made object ever.

The International Day for the Remembrance of Slavery

The International Day for the Remembrance of Slavery is also a timely reminder that although slavery is illegal in every country in the world it has not disappeared.

The repellent Wuthering Heights of Emily Bronte

Wuthering Heights stirred emotion with an honesty Victorian society simply wasn’t ready for.


How to handle Results Day anxiety

It can be easy to gravitate to the worst case scenario when you’re under pressure. Do you often think that you’re going to fail an exam spectacularly? Or do you believe that you’re going to get terrible grades on result day? There are steps you can take to alter these thoughts…

Why is the UK Having a Heatwave?

Rain-soaked days are traditionally associated with a British summer, but between 1st June and 16th July the UK received just 47 mm of rain. This makes it the driest start to summer since 1961.

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