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15 ‘facts’ you learnt at school that aren’t true any more

One of the beautiful aspects of learning is that it never stops. No matter how old you are, there’s always something new to discover. Interestingly, this is also true for things that you thought you knew. Our knowledge is constantly evolving, and occasionally this means that, over time, things that were taught as ‘facts’ at […]

How to encourage your child to read more

Ahead of World Book Day (4th March), we’ve researched the nation’s favourite school books and found that George Orwell’s Animal Farm and Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol are the UK’s most popular reads. For many people, reading is a wonderful and enriching experience that brings a huge sense of reward and enjoyment. This is especially […]

The problem of predicted grades

So what’s the problem with predicted grades? Let’s not beat about the bush, predicted grades are a problem. They are primarily used to allow Universities and Sixth Form Colleges to carry out forward planning and make offers to the students that they would like to accept. The main problem with them: they are normally wrong. […]


How Volunteering Can Benefit You

Ultimately, volunteering is all about giving something to someone else.

Distance Learning

Distance Learning And The Importance Of Clear Communication

Always make sure you follow these steps…


How To Prevent Procrastination

The main reason why people procrastinate is that they set unrealistically large goals and aims for themselves.


What Is Metacognition And How Does It Help You Study?

Metacognition is a term that has found itself at the forefront of discussions around education in recent years.


Promoting The Positives Of Learning During The Pandemic

It is important, I feel, to realise that not everything about education in the pandemic is doom and gloom.


Speeches That Made History

Churchill’s speech is remembered as one of the most stirring wartime speeches ever recorded, yet the public didn’t hear it until Churchill was encouraged to record it for posterity in 1949.


Characters Of Fiction You May Not Know Were Based On Real People

Mr. and Mrs. Lee, Harper Lee’s mother and father, lived very nearby. She was my best friend. Did you ever read her book, To Kill a Mockingbird? I’m a character in that book, which takes place in the same small town in Alabama where we lived. – Truman Capote


5 Other Blogs About Learning You Can Follow

Here are a few more education blogs that stand out from the crowd.

How lockdowns have impacted school bullying

Bullying is a tragic part of school life that many children will unfortunately experience during their education. Despite many schools being closed for parts of the last year, bullying still proved to be an issue for many pupils across England. We’ve analysed new Department for Education data to reveal which local authorities saw the biggest […]