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The best and worst places to raise children in your region

There are many factors that go into choosing where you want to raise a family, from the quality of schools, to the average salary for jobs in the area. To help parents looking for a place to raise their children, we’ve scored every local authority in England, based on the availability of school places, the […]


Free Skills Courses To Kickstart A Career With

Although you might be thinking it’s too early to start planning for your career whilst preparing for your GCSEs, the earlier you start writing your CV, the easier it can be to keep track of your achievements.

Robert Frost

Robert Frost and his Love-Letter To Winter Solstice

One of Frost’s best-loved poems, ‘Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening’ is what he referred to as his ‘best bid for remembrance.’


Can Cartoons Show Us The Way?

Cartoons’ very nature seems childish to the modern eye, but this allows them to explore areas not readily permitted for other media.


Five Famous Phrases From Shakespeare

Let’s take a look at five of the Bard’s most influential phrases – and the plays that made them famous.


The Importance Of Sub-genres

Sub-genres are an absolute blessing! Here’s just three reasons why they are so important…


The Real Life Witchcraft of Macbeth

In 1603, following the death of Elizabeth I, James became King not just of Scotland but also of England. He brought his obsession with witchcraft with him. An obsession that would influence the writing of Macbeth…


A Little Half Term Reading

Here are two reading recommendations I put forward…

Outdoor Education

Could Outdoor Education Be Lost Forever?

Despite all the rules and regulations being under constant review, it would be safe to assume that school trips are off the cards until mid-late 2021 at the earliest.


Languages Will Reward Your Attention

Learning a second language can improve your first language.