Physics IGCSE

Physics student standing in front of E=mc2

The course is designed to develop (1) a broad understanding of  facts, concepts and principles, (2) skills in physical investigation and (3) an ability to evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of modern scientific developments.

The lessons are planned so that all the material and preparation required for the final examination papers is in the following seven course modules:

  • Module 1: Forces and Motion
  • Module 2: Electricity
  • Module 3: Waves
  • Module 4: Energy Resources and Energy Transfer
  • Module 5: Solids, Liquids and Gases
  • Module 6:  Magnetism and Electromagnetism
  • Module 7: Radioactivity and Particles

There are 28 lessons,and 12 tutor-marked assignments (TMA’s) of which two are mock exam papers. Students will need to access the internet to carry out some of the course activities.

The course prepares you for Edexcel’s two written examination papers:

Paper One: 2 hours; the total number of marks is 120, two-thirds of the overall total. The paper examines all of the specification content and all of the assessment objectives. There will be a range of compulsory short-answer, structured questions, which are ramped (gradually increase the level of difficulty) to ensure accessibility for less able students, as well as to stretch more able students.

Paper Two: 1 hour: the total number of marks is 60, one-third of the overall total. This paper also examines all of the specification content but will focus on investigation and the analysis of data.

In both papers, students may be required to perform calculations, draw graphs and describe, explain and interpret physical phenomena. Some of the question content will be unfamiliar to students; these questions are designed to assess data-handling skills and the ability to apply physical principles to unfamiliar information.

Paper One of IGCSE Physics is exactly the same as one of the three papers in the IGCSE Science qualification.  Candidates may not take IGCSE Physics exams together with IGCSE Science.

The final grade will be awarded on a scale of A* to G.


Physics IGCSE and Home Education FAQs

The  Oxford Home Schooling IGCSE Physics course matches the content of the Edexcel 4PH1 IGCSE specification for exams in 2019.

When you start your course with us you will agree an examination date or dates with your Student Adviser.  Your support period is then up to this examination date.

The course is designed to be accessible to students who have usually studied Science up to and including Key Stage 3 Year 9.

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