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The Oxford Home Schooling Key Stage 3 Maths course has been designed to gently introduce your child to the various aspects of the Key Stage 3 Maths curriculum.

The course has been designed to guide your child through the subject in logical, easy to follow steps building on their understanding as their confidence grows.

The course is written in an informal and lively style with plenty of diagrams and illustrations to keep your child engaged with the material. The focus throughout is on Maths in the real world, as a tool to help us solve practical problems and to underpin the rest of our studies.

The course contains Self-Assessment Tests and Tutor-marked assignments at various points in the course to help you and your child gauge their progress.

The course is divided into three one year sections, corresponding to the school years, 7, 8 and 9. Some students may take three years to complete the course, others may take two years or proceed even more quickly. By the end of the course, students should be in a good position to tackle a GCSE or IGCSE programme (Key Stage 4) in earnest.

Lesson 1: The Number System
Lesson 2: Addition and Subtraction of Whole Numbers
Lesson 3: Transformations
Lesson 4: Multiplication and Division
Lesson 5: Multiples, Factors and BIDMAS
Lesson 6: Angles, Quadrilaterals and Polygons
Lesson 7: Perimeter, Area and Volume
Lesson 8: Working with Fractions
Lesson 9: Sums with Fractions
Lesson 10: Mixed Numbers
Lesson 11: What is Algebra?
Lesson 12: Algebra Basics
Lesson 13: Collecting Terms
Lesson 14: Introducing Decimals
Lesson 15: Decimals in Practice

Lesson 16: Metric and Imperial Units
Lesson 17: Calculating Distance
Lesson 18: More Complex Shapes
Lesson 19: Angles and Straight Lines
Lesson 20: Symmetry
Lesson 21: Nets
Lesson 22: Other Metric and Imperial Units
Lesson 23: Ratio and Proportion
Lesson 24: Percentages
Lesson 25: Multiplication and Division in Algebra
Lesson 26: Brackets
Lesson 27: Factorising
Lesson 28: Triangles
Lesson 29: More on Triangles
Lesson 30: Formulae
Lesson 31: Equations (1)
Lesson 32: Equations (2)
Lesson 33: Finding and Presenting Information

Lesson 34: Getting to Grips with Graphwork (1)
Lesson 35: Loci
Lesson 36: Sequences
Lesson 37: Introducing Indices
Lesson 38: Standard Form
Lesson 39: Squares, Roots and Reciprocals
Lesson 40: Getting to Grips with Graphwork (2)
Lesson 41: Fractions in Algebra
Lesson 42: Working with Brackets
Lesson 43: Type 3 Brackets
Lesson 44: Trigonometry
Lesson 45: Ratio and Proportion
Lesson 46: Bearings
Lesson 47: Averages
Lesson 48: Probability
Lesson 49: Cumulative Frequency
Lesson 50: Revision and Overview Project

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