Studying for an A level with Oxford Home Schooling

A Level Home Education

Each of Oxford Home schooling’s A level courses has been written to a specification set by either the AQA or Edexcel/Pearson examination boards.

This means that the A levels you sit with us are the same A levels that you would sit in any other school. The A levels have the same academic weight and are accepted by the same universities.

A level Study is particularly well suited to home study. This is partly because of the flexibility of the examination system but also because A Level study requires a broader understanding of the subject to which home schooling is particularly suited.

How are A levels structured?

A levels have gone through a few structural changes in the last few years. The A levels that Oxford Home Schooling run are now aimed at a single final exam. Having said that, the examination board syllabuses have been designed so that students may sit an AS level half way through their studies should they wish. These AS levels are stand alone qualifications, and the marks that students obtain in them cannot be carried forward to their A level grade.


In general, Oxford Home Schooling will admit students for A Level who have a minimum of 4 GCSEs at grade C and above. These would ideally include English and Maths.

However, many of our A Levels have special entry requirements. Please see individual subject information for details.

In order to go on to university you will need to make an application via the University Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS).  So long as

  • The student has done enough work to make it possible
  • We have been provided with sufficient notice

we will happily provide an academic reference.

Full details of our reference policy can be found here.

Most of Oxford Home Schooling’s A Level courses have a recommended accompanying textbook which students will need to obtain.

A level Study is designed to prepare students for the much more autonomous style of learning which they will encounter at university and degree level. Students will need to read widely around their subject in order to get top marks. As a result, our A level courses have both supporting texts and a recommended reading list to help you achieve a broader understanding of your subject.

By clicking on any of the book images on this website, you will be taken to the relevant page on Amazon’s website. Some courses also include access to online resources. Where this is the case, students will need to have internet access.

This does depend on the ability of the student and the grade that you wish to achieve. However, we suggest that as a guide students should budget 700 hours of study per A level.

When you enrol on an A level with Oxford Home Schooling we will agree an examination date with you and help you calculate how many hours each week you will need to study in order to achieve your goal in the allotted time.

If, when you have started your studies, you realise you need more time, please get in touch and we will defer your examination date if possible. A fee may be payable for this.