Which Key Stage 3 Science course do I need?

Oxford Home Schooling offers an integrated KS3 Science course that meets the requirements of the National Curriculum for Years 7-9.  It also meets the requirements of the UK 13+ Common Entrance Examination. Students can enrol on the full Year 7-9 courses or separately for any of the three Year-based courses.  The entire course follows an integrated approach to all three sciences with lessons on each taken in rotation.

The course builds progressively: the Year 8 course refers back to subject content that appears in the Year 7 course, and Year 9 refers back to topics covered in Years 7 and 8.  Year 8 and 9 students will also find the earlier course topics covered in good KS3 Science textbooks and can refer to these alongside the Year 8 and Year 9 course folders.

The course provides an excellent introduction to the sciences and offers students the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills required for further study at GCSE or IGCSE.

The new KS3 Science Year 7 course is suitable for Oxford Home Schooling students who are beginning KS3 Science at Year 7 level.  Students wanting to begin KS3 Science in Year 8 or Year 9 should follow our separate KS3 Science courses for Years 8 or 9 (see below).  To benefit fully from course activities, students will need to have access to the internet.

The Year 7 topics are as follows:

Module 1:       Introducing Science

Module 2:       Cells, Energy, Change in State

Module 3:       Organisms, Mixtures, Energy Resources

Module 4:       Life Cycles, Mixtures, Forces

Module 5:       Reproduction, Acids and Alkalis, Light

Module 6:       Disease, Particles, the Solar System

The Year 8 course continues to develop topics introduced in Year 7 and takes them to the next level.  Again the course follows the National Curriculum in its objectives, level, and pace of study.

It has been written in a friendly and informative way to engage the student and hopefully interest them in taking Science at a higher level.

The Year 8 topics are as follows:

Module 1:       Food, Equations and Electricity

Module 2:       Respiration, Burning and Electricity

Module 3:       Breathing, Rocks and Heat

Module 4:       Adaptations, Rocks and Heat

Module 5:       Ecology and Gravity

Module 6:       Student Investigation

The KS3 Science Year 9 Course

The Year 9course continue to cover the three main sciences included in the National Curriculum: Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  As in Years 7 and 8, there are Tutor-marked Assignments at the end of each module. These aim to give both student and parent or guardian a good idea of the student’s progress.

The Year 9 topics are as follows:

Module 1:  Variation, Reactivity, and Pressure

Module 2:  Selection, Chemical Patterns, and Turning Forces

Module 3:  Photosynthesis, Gases, and Speed

Module 4:  Plants, Air Pollution, and Magnets

Module 5:  Plant Reproduction, Using Chemistry, and Electromagnetism

Module 6:  Skeletons, Sound, and Space

Keaystage 3 Science FAQs

Each course includes a series of 18 or 24 lessons arranged in six topics. Each lesson begins with a set of clearly stated objectives and an explanation of its place in the overall programme of study. In addition to subject content, each lesson includes a wide range of activities to engage student’s in practising skills, finding out more about a topic, and consolidating their learning. Effective learning is also encouraged through self-assessment tests. The course includes a pull-out parents’ guide which includes answers to self-assessment questions.

A Full version of the National Curriculum for Science can be found here.

The UK Common Entrance examination syllabus can be found here.

The course makes recommendations for practical experiments which can be done from home. The activities within the course use the minimum of equipment which can be easily obtained.

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