The Very Best in Home Schooling Tuition

Fully Qualified Tutors

All Oxford Home Schooling tutors are fully qualified teachers holding either a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) or a degree in education. So when you enrol on an Oxford Home Schooling course you can be assured of the assistance of a professionally qualified subject-specific tutor.

Tutors are also required to have extensive experience of teaching the subject to the same level (or higher) as the one you are enrolled at.

Oxford Home Schooling is always looking for the very best tutors and we recruit, on average, only one in every ten applicants for tutorial posts.

Every tutor also undergoes an Enhanced DBS check.


All Oxford Home Schooling courses have tutor-marked assignments within them. We call these TMAs. Your tutor will mark these pieces of work and give you specific help based on your answers. In addition to this specific help, Oxford Home Schooling will add a set of suggested answers to help you see where your strengths and weaknesses lie. For more information on Oxford Home Schooling courses, please see `How does home schooling work?’

Telephone Support

You will have a telephone number for each of your tutors so help is never more than a telephone call away. Whilst the student is still actively submitting assignments, they should expect to be proactively contacted by their tutor regularly. If a student goes 100 days without submitting assignments then the tutor will stop regularly reaching out to the student, but they will still be available to answer calls. As soon as a student submits an assignment then regular pro-active support will resume.