Taking Breaks

Breaks are a really important part of the learning process, giving the brain time to process all of the information and skills being thrown at it. When home schooling, the scheduling of these breaks is entirely up to you and your mentor, but it’s always to handy to know the best times to do so.

Whenever you feel like it

The easiest way to decide when you need a break is to simply take one when you feel you need to.

If you’re getting tired and can’t focus on your work anymore, or you’re moving from one school subject to another and want to refresh your brain before you focus on something completely different, then taking a break can be a great idea. You could even choose to take a break when the weather outside turns nice – it really is all up to you!

At regular intervals

Taking breaks at the same time every day can be a good idea if you or your mentor sometimes forget to take regular breaks during the day.

By having short breaks every hour or so, or larger ones at less frequent intervals, you’ll to be able to make sure you don’t burn out.


The same rules ring true for taking holidays when being home schooled. Aside from making sure holidays don’t clash with exams, you can choose when you think is best to have a longer break away from your studies – in between terms, at random, or in line with schools.

Shorter, more frequent holidays can be a good idea, letting you and your mentor avoid the need to revisit lots of information after a long summer break, as is sometimes the case with school education.

Breaks should be part of your revision routine – click here to learn how to build one that works for you.