History IGCSE

Course information

Throughout the History IGCSE, students will cover a number of key events from throughout the twentieth century. This includes the rise and fall of Nazi Germany, American history between the wars, the development of modern medicine and finally, the civil rights movement.

While studying each of the topics detailed above, students will be encouraged to assess a range of primary and secondary source material, empowering them to come to their own conclusions of each event based on the evidence provided.

Students will be encouraged to share their thoughts and views throughout the course via 10 tutor-marked assignments (TMAs) 2 of which are mock exam papers.

The Oxford Home Schooling course is divided into four modules, as follows:

  • Changes in Medicine, c1848–c1948
  • The USA, 1918–41
  • Germany: Development of Dictatorship, 1918–45
  • A Divided Union: Civil Rights in the USA, 1945–74

Oxford Home Schooling’s History IGCSE course is designed to prepare students for the Edexcel IGCSE in History (4HI1) for exams in 2019 and beyond.

“We are not makers of history. We are made by history” Martin Luther King. Apply now!

Exams and Assessment

There is no coursework with the History IGCSE, instead students must sit two 90-minute exams at the end of the course.

Course duration and study time

When you enrol with Oxford Home Schooling we will agree on an intended examination date with you.  Your support will last all the way up to this examination date, regardless of whether you decide to do the course in 9 months or 30.

The recommended number of study hours for this course is 200 hours

Course price

Our History IGCSE course fee is £375.

You may pay using our interest-free easy payment scheme. Pay a £75 deposit followed by eight monthly instalments of £37.50.

You will receive support from a fully-qualified tutor holding either a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) or a degree in education.

This support includes:

  • Marking all assignments for the course
  • Written answers to specific study problems
  • Telephone contact

When you begin this course, you will agree an examination date or dates with your Student Adviser. Your support period lasts up to this examination date.

Hi! We are currently open and an experienced Student Adviser is available to answer any questions you may have. Our number is 0800 0 111 024

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What’s next?

Students that obtain a solid grade in their History IGCSE won’t be surprised to know that the skills learnt throughout the course will place them in good stead moving forward.

Having developed their writing skills to a consistently high standard, many graduates go on to study subjects such as English, Journalism or Media at a higher level. Others, spurred on by their thirst for knowledge, choose to continue their study of history at A level, before heading off to university in order to obtain a degree, MA or even a PHD.

Whichever route students choose, the critical thinking skills developed throughout this course will enable them to consistently interpret and question a range of topics, from simple things like newspapers to global events that shape the world in which we live.

“We study history not to be clever in another time but to be wise always” Cicero. Apply Now

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