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An Introduction to IGCSE Home Education

Oxford Home Schooling’s suite of IGCSE courses have been especially designed and developed to serve the needs of home schooling students aiming to obtain qualifications that will enable them to progress to A Level, apply for vocational courses, or enter the wider world of work. IGCSEs provide excellent preparation for the next stage in education.

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) offers a broad curriculum that develops students’ skills, thinking and knowledge.

An internationally recognised qualification

The IGCSE is widely recognized by higher education institutions and employers around the world. As an academic qualification it is equivalent, grade for grade, to GCSE. IGCSEs offer progression to A Level, BTEC vocational courses, and other similar qualifications that are recognized internationally and by the University and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS).

IGCSE is offered to students in over 150 countries and has gained popularity in the UK as a qualification which is preferred to GCSEs by many prestigious independent schools. World-wide over 1.5 million students enter IGCSE exams every year. Over 300 independent schools in the UK now offer IGCSE, and in 2010 there were over 40,000 UK entries for IGCSE exams.

GCSE exams were reformed in 2009/2010 with coursework being replaced by controlled assessment done under supervised conditions. Controlled assessment is impractical for students studying at home. By contrast, IGCSEs with, in most cases 100% assessment by examination, provide an up-to-date and convenient way to develop and test your skills.

For further information on IGCSEs see our blog on ‘GCSE and IGCSE: what’s the difference?’

In subjects where controlled assessment is not required, it is still possible to enrol for our GCSE home education courses e.g. Law, Mathematics, Psychology and Sociology or RE.

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