Academic Reference Policy

If you are intending, or even just considering, applying to university and may require a reference from Oxford Home Schooling and its tutors to support your application then we need to know!

The deadlines for informing Oxford Home Schooling are

  • 1st August for Oxford or Cambridge
  • 1st December for all other universities

We ask you to email  Your email should include information on which subjects you are applying to study at university as well as any information that will back up your application – volunteering work, why you are interested in the subject, any experience you may have etc.

Requests for references received after this deadline will attract a £50 charge or may be denied.

In order that we have something on which to base a reference and/or predicted grade, you need to have done a MINIMUM of four assignments in each of your subjects. More is better! Your tutor will want you to succeed so talk to them about your plans; it will help with your application if they know something about you.

Most of our students will be applying to university as independent candidates, i.e. not via a school. If this is you, then you will need to put the following information into the referee section of your application:

Amanda Blunden, Director,
Oxford Open Learning,
4 Kings Meadow,
Oxford OX2 0DP,
Telephone 01865 798022.

If you are still at school and are doing an A level with Oxford Open Learning as an addition to your school studies, then check with your school whether they will require a predicted grade or some input from Oxford Home Schooling into the reference that they are doing for you. We can send this to them but will need to know who to send it to and what the school deadline is.

The more preparation you can do in advance, the better. If you rush your application it may not succeed.

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