Can you do your kids homework? I Oxford Home Schooling

    Can you do your kids homework?

    Test yourself on these primary school homework questions

    Homeschooling has many benefits for the whole family, from increased flexibility to more quality time together, and our recent research has shown just how much parents can get from the experience.

    We found that almost a third (31%) of adults learnt new things while teaching their children during lockdown and one in nine (11%) say they now feel more intelligent since doing it. As a result, many feel more confident helping their kids with schoolwork than they did a few years ago.

    However, we put UK parents to the test and found that 88% couldn’t correctly answer all of the primary school homework questions we set them.

    How confident do you feel? Reckon you can do better than them?

    The test below uses questions aimed at Year Three students aged 7-8.

    Have a go!

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    Greg is the Head Of Operations at Oxford Home Schooling and has more than 25 years of experience in Distance Learning and Home Education