Articles by Andrew Bateson

Andrew Bateson is 57 years old and initially trained as a Geologist. He has been a secondary school teacher for 22 years teaching Chemistry and Science to 11 to 18 year olds. Previously he worked in the Ceramic industry in research and development and then management. He has experience of both the independent and state sectors, teaching in single sex and mixed sex schools. As a Union Rep., he followed educational policy closely throughout his teaching career. He has retired from teaching to continue working with OOL and to retrain as a Psychotherapist.

Deserted, destroyed London

Favourite Stories: The Day of the Triffids

Wyndham wrote a unique range of science fiction books, unlike any other I have come across.

Opinion: Exams and Statistics

Even if there is a change for the better, the media often seem to look for a negative if they can find one. I feel sorry for the students being exposed to this.

Opinion: When should we apply to University?

I do not think these proposed changes will make life that much easier for the universities…

Did GCSEs make a difference?

You can write a syllabus and exam paper that will stretch pupils under any system. It has nothing to do with whether it is O-level or GCSE.

Opinion: More Free Schools, Please?

The Conservatives have promised 500 new free schools if they win the election. This is about increasing parental choice and raising standards. However…

Science in schools: Triple or Double?

It is not that Triple Science is vital for A Levels, but rather it is about pupils ability and suitability for A Levels.

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