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Why we should value our Libraries

Our local library was my lifeline. It was my favourite place in all the world, a comfort blanket and an Aladdin’s cave all rolled into one.

Preparing for GCSE ( and IGCSE ) Results Day

Do your research on the net, ring people up, ask for information; it’s so much easier to do this before the results come out rather than afterwards, when so many others will be looking for the same information.

Roald Dahl day, 13th September.

I remember my brother and I cheering when Willie Wonka’s unfortunate finalists were eliminated in gruesome ways!

I didn’t get the GCSE results I wanted, where now?

Well it’s that time of the year again, the GCSE results are due very soon, my fingers are firmly crossed for all concerned, but what are the options for those school pupils who don’t get the results they’d hoped for? There are lots of reasons for not getting those ideal results, maybe you were ill, […]

Wider reading for A Level English Literature: 6: Culture, religion and science

In the last in our series of blogs on wider reading for A Level English Literature home study students, an Oxford Home Schooling tutor looks at the topics of science, religion and culture. The exams are looming rather large on the horizon so now is the time to look at the final major topic you […]

So who can Study at Home?

My background is as a Further Education lecturer so I was used to having a wide cross-section of humanity in my classes but I had no idea when I began to teach English with Oxford Open Learning that my new tutor groups would be quite so diverse! Like a lot of people I think assumed […]

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