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    What Makes A Successful Adaptation?

    It’s called an adaptation for its very definition, ‘to change to fit a new environment’.


    Book Recommendation For May

    A unique step-by-step visual guide, Computer-Coding Games For Kids is a great introduction to the world of coding,


    Perfecting That First Paragraph

    The rules of storytelling and capturing the audience don’t change, so just how do you go about hooking your reader in?

    Pomorodo Technique

    Breaking Down The Pomodoro Technique

    If you get easily distracted, the Pomodoro is definitely for you.

    Book recommendations

    A Book Recommendation For April

    This book has been a great help to plenty of teachers across the world in understanding AI and is a great starting point for young, curious minds looking to the future.

    Show don't tell

    How “Show Don’t Tell” Actually Works

    Show Don’t Tell is a technique used in pretty much every form of creative writing. It is a skill that once mastered will take your writing to the next level.


    Your Guide To A Happy And Productive Easter

    If you haven’t quite worked out what revision techniques work best for you yet, don’t worry, here are a few suggestions to try.


    How To Approach Exam Questions

    May may seem so far away, but two things are worth mentioning: it’s never too early to be exam-ready, and time moves faster than you think it does.

    The Breakfast Club Adventures

    A Book Recommendation For March

    The Breakfast Club Adventures depicts the kind of problems many young children face. It also talks about friendship, community and confidence.


    5 Ways To Boost Your Vocabulary

    There are links between the number of words people know and how successful they are academically and in their careers.