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    The Importance Of Voting

    Of people aged 18-24, over 50% did not cast a vote in the election. Had that not been the case, it could have made a huge difference to the outcome of the election.


    February Book Recommendations #2

    This title has helped thousands of adults change their lives for the better, and there’s no reason why its wisdom can’t be taken on by younger minds.


    February Book Recommendations

    This February, there’s recommendations for another useful piece of non-fiction… and a great story that handles magic better than Harry Potter.


    New Year Book Recommendations #2

    January and February may be cold and dark, but with these books it definitely won’t be boring.


    Book Recommendation For New Year #1

    It’s a bit of a hefty book, but don’t be put off! There’s no rush and no ticking clock to becoming an adult.

    Bobby Fischer

    Checkmate: Remembering Bobby Fischer

    Fischer’s brilliance on the chessboard was often accompanied by controversy off it.


    Underdog Day: 9 To Inspire

    It’s a day to recognise unsung heroes and embrace stories of unexpected triumphs that can inspire us all.

    The Mandela Effect

    The Mandela Effect

    The Mandela Effect refers to a phenomenon in which a large group of people collectively misremember or recall an event, fact, or detail differently to how it occurred.

    New books

    New Books For December

    New Books recommended last month were in the Science Fiction genre. This time around, it’s fantasy.

    Book recommendations

    Book Recommendations 1: Young Bond Vs Alex Rider

    Today we start a new series of book recommendations aimed at young people, with the idea of spotlighting books that will spark that love of reading,