Articles by Darren Lester

Darren is an IGCSE and A Level English Language tutor with Oxford Open Learning. A love of reading and of all things superhero as a boy transformed into a love of graphic novels that never really went away. He is particularly interested in how graphic novels reflect culture and enjoys comparing works from Europe, North America and Asia. He also fully supports Marvel’s cinema works and hopes that superhero movies continue for years to come!

V for Vendetta: Literary Work?

It questions the morality of both personal and political freedom, positing what happens when the freedom of a government clashes with the freedom of the people it rules,

Opinion: Is a Graphic Novel Literature?

While the real-world changes resulting from a novel are not usually a feature of study, we decided at the beginning of this article that a novel must have a ‘relation to reality’, and what better relation is there than to have changed reality?

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