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How to do well in Exams!

Exam periods tend to cause anxiety in most students. However, there are various techniques you can implement in order to manage stress and perform to the best of your mental abilities. Here is some advice to help you stay in control before and during exam times. Studying for Exams Think positive! If you think that […]

Keys to Academic Success: Problem Solving

This is the final instalment of the Keys to Academic Success series, and today I will focus on Problem Solving skills. While not of a strictly academic nature, when applied to academic study these skills can be really useful, and they are often part of the little extra that makes one’s performance outstanding. Encountering problems […]

Keys to Academic Success: Proofreading

As the Keys to Academic Success series draws towards a close, I am hoping that you have been able to benefit from its  advice on essay preparation and writing techniques. Writing effective essays is often a demanding task, and while its completion is very fulfilling and gratifying, it is also frequently the case that students […]

Keys to Academic Success: How to Approach Case Studies

Last week I talked about essay structure and gave a few handy tips about how to write convincing arguments. While argumentative essays are a significant part of assessment, there is also another form of written assignment worthy of particular attention: the Case Study. Case studies are fairly common in disciplines such as Business, Accounting, Social […]

Keys to Academic Success: Argument Structure in Essay Writing

Having done the best possible preparation for successful essay writing, it is now time to start the actual writing process. By now you should have a feasible time plan for essay composition and submission, well-organized notes, and clear ideas about what you want to write. The next step is to arrange your thoughts in a […]

Keys to Academic Success: The Importance of Critical Reflection

Having set up a functional time-frame for study, and with your neatly organized notes at hand, you have already made much progress in preparing to write a first-rate essay. But what’s the best way to go about it, you may now ask? Your home tutors provide you with valuable educational input that you should carefully […]

Keys to Academic Success: Note-taking

In my previous blog I discussed the importance of successful time-management and its beneficial effects upon academic performance. I would now like to concentrate on effective note-taking, a practice that often gets neglected in the learning process. Note-taking can really help improve the way you study and write. This is because you can keep a […]

Keys to Academic Success: Effective Management of Study Time

Effective time management is an important transferable skill which not only makes life easier, but can also lead to successful academic performance. Poor time management can cause stress and difficulties with completing projects on time, and may reflect badly on grades and assessment. Here are some handy tips to help you stay on top of […]

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