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Mars and The War of The Worlds

All the best science fiction brings us technology which is possible but not yet invented, and this book is no different.

Home Schooling

Home Schooling Abroad During the Pandemic

There are an interestingly high number of parents who are feeling like this experience is one that they’d like to continue.

Home Schooling

Education during the Lockdown

If you feel at sea, Oxford Home Schooling’s range of home educating options provide a structure which can help children who are used to the school system.

language learning

Why Learn a Second Language – and Which to Choose?

Don’t overlook “other language” options. If you speak a language which is spoken by fewer people, there may be more opportunities in the job market.


Running a Debate Club for Home Educated Teens

Debate club allows the kids to see that how you present something is often more important than what you’re presenting – and so they become more skilled in recognising the ways that the press, and other forms of communication, can influence us.

Suffragists leader Millicent Garrett Fawcett

Suffragists and Suffragettes

Unlike the Suffragettes, the Suffragists were determinedly non-violent,


The Duolingo Language Learning App. Good for Spanish GCSE Students?

There is even more content available outside of the application itself, too. Duolingo also has podcasts in Spanish, with stories read by native Spanish speakers to help language learners practice their listening skills.

Learning a new Language

Learn Over 2,000 New Spanish Words Almost Instantly!

Learning Spanish as a second language will mean a lot of study, practice and memorisation. For students who are studying Spanish at GCSE level especially , it can feel quite overwhelming.